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The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank is a non-profit organization, which distributes groceries to the San Diego community. It is the largest hunger-relief organizations in the San Diego County. Through donations and a multitude of direct food distributors across the county, food products are accumulated and sifted through to distribute the best quality of foods to an array of dependent recipients. From this process the groceries are given out to members of the community in allotted parking lots of non-profit partners.

To run this non-profit organization, many volunteers are needed to process and distribute the donations. In addition to the employed directors and supervisors, over 20,000 volunteers donated their time and energy in order to benefit the thousands of recipients just last year. 

Originally founded in 1977, the San Diego Food Bank has been serving the community for decades with integrity and attention to the needs of others. The name changed in 2010 to the Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank after an invaluable donation was made by the two families. The success of the food bank relies majorly due to this donation.

There is more than meets the eye to the food bank, as several programs and resources for nutrition and healthy living exist. Supplying families with more than just the means to make meals, the organization educates on healthy eating and even provides nutritional recipes.

A significant number of recipients benefit from the hard work of the volunteers and the various foods donating outlets. From low-income households, veterans, mentally ill, etc. the beneficiaries range from all walks of life. Provided in a respectful, helping environment, each recipient should leave with the peace of mind to know they are in a safe place.

This past year the food bank served up a remarkable 22 million pounds of food to the San Diego community, which translates to an estimated 18.3 million meals! Over 370,000 people were served monthly as well, including low-income military households. 700,000 pounds of food was additionally distributed solely to veterans, active-duty service members, as well as their dependents in a gesture to give back to the military community in need.

Outreaches the food bank partakes in include numerous charitable events throughout the year. From galas to food drives, the food bank makes use of their influence in the community. Local fundraisers hosted by members of the community to benefit the food bank are likewise events that take place frequently and contribute to the food bank’s outreach.

Volunteering your time to make a difference in the life of a beneficiary can be rewarding and something the food bank highly recommends, as the proficiency of the organization depends on volunteers. Typically, volunteers donate 3 hours in packaging and sorting food products in the warehouse for distribution. Groups volunteering for team building purposes are also encouraged. 

Just as volunteering is paramount to the organization’s outreach, donating holds its own significance. Monetary donating can exist in a number of easy forms. Donating a sum can be done online through the food bank’s website or by check. There is also a Monthly Meals Club that uses your $10 monthly donation to provide 50 meals a month to fight hunger. If you like something more convenient for your spending habits, the Give a Change debit card by the San Diego Food Bank rounds specific charges (gas, drug store purchases, and groceries) to the dollar to be completely donated to the non-profit. All donations are tax refundable.

To donate food supplies, three resources exist. Hosting a food drive can be a rewarding and fun experience. Involving your friends, families, and coworkers is a great way to donate your time and resources to benefit the food bank as well as providing a fun charity event. Virtual food drives are also an efficient way to raise donations despite the lack of a physical location.

Possibly the most simple way to help out is to drop off your food supplies to the warehouse during their hours of operation. Food industry donors are also greatly welcomed to donate any resources.

The San Diego Food Bank over the years has acquired an assortment of partners and supporters that have made their success a reality. Big names in business have looked out for the needs of others by supporting such a charitable cause as the food bank.

You can keep connected with the San Diego Food Bank on several social media platforms, to make sure you don’t miss out on any events or resources! 

More information on donating, food drives, volunteering etc. can be located on the San Diego Food Bank website. Here you can also access a newsletter that allows you to sign up for to receive monthly updates of events and news.