Strong, Mighty and Powerful

Valitar combines human and equine agility in its world premiere.

Valitar mystical horses

Imagine a realm where the strength and beauty of majestic creatures meet high-caliber human athleticism. Journey on an adventure of mythical proportions interwoven with spirited performances that defy human and equestrian confines.

This is what spectators can expect from the world premiere of Valitar, held at the Del Mar fairgrounds Nov. 16. The name is derived from the Latin word “validus,” which means “strong, mighty and powerful” — the essence Valitar captures in an original spectacle orchestrated to captivate the imagination of audiences of all ages.

Valitar stage performer Tatyana Remley fine magazine

Mark and Tatyana Remley of Equustria Development Inc. created and produced the show to be “high energy and passionate, demonstrating the grace of the horses and the human performers as well.” Under a 45,000-square-foot Big Top tent, 25 performers from all over the globe will perform with 40 horses of distinctive breeds, combining spectacular special effects with a pulsating, rock-style musical score.

Picture horse-driven chariots charging into the arena with adrenaline-pumping action reminiscent of a gladiator-style battle in a mystical setting. Aerialists transcend the laws of gravity while weaving in stunning equestrian performances. Enter more classical performances highlighting dressage, one of the highest expressions of horse training that gained popularity during the summer Olympics. Professional vaulters perform acrobatic feats amidst state-of-the-art props.

Valitar equestrian stage performance

Valitar’s props include a 9-foot tall iron horse and a 20-foot tall trampoline wall measuring over 28 feet, created by Parker Brothers Concepts. The iron horse will incorporate stunning special effects juxtaposed with contortionists and acrobatics. These breath-taking performances include a tribute to Southern California sportsmanship with mountain board bungee jumpers, a completely new concept in showmanship. And Liberty horses display natural equestrian agility at its finest, exhibiting horses directed in a natural environment. The show truly showcases a myriad of riding styles, the inherent beauty of magnificent horses, sensational special effects and exceptional human athletic capabilities.

Valitar’s impressive ensemble includes San Diego native and co-producer Tatyana Remley, whose ardent love of horses guided her entire life. Experienced in many forms of riding — from western pleasure, barrel racing, cattle sorting, team penning and driving horses of a variety of breeds from minis to draft horses — Tatyana Remley also excels in dressage and show jumping. She will be performing with her beloved horse Bolero, a 9-year-old Andalusian stallion.

valitar horse performance del mar fine magazine

From far-reaching parts of the world, Valitar is proud to feature Uuguntuya “Ugi” Otgonbayar who trained as a contortionist at the Professional Art School in Mongolia. Performing internationally since 2002, Otgonbayar was a bronze medal winner at the International Festival of Monte Carlo in 2010. The carefully crafted international talent team also includes Bernard Quental from France. Quental has been performing with horses for more than 26 years, and along with several internationally acclaimed shows, he contributed to the creation of Cheval Theater, a live horse show created by Gille Ste-Croix.

The Remleys have created a unique experience with the aim of “breaking the mold in traveling entertainment,” as Mark Remley explains. Having scouted the globe for some of the most accomplished performers, they have combined the international flair of top entertainers worldwide—but they have remained true to their local roots. Tatyana Remley said that after traveling the world, her heart truly belongs to San Diego, where they have chosen to launch their premiere.

“I had a craving for more entertainment in San Diego and want to give spectators a show to dream about,” she said. After their final San Diego performance on New Year’s Eve, Valitar will embark on a tour to five major U.S. cities.

The scope of Valitar reflects the expertise and intensity that the Remleys have cultivated in the entertainment and equestrian world. “Bringing lifelong passions and delving into this world has been so fulfilling,” Tatyana explained.

They have been successful in combining their unique talents and accomplishments into creating a visual masterpiece that will thrill and inspire horse aficionados and novices alike.

Unfortunately, this beautiful whimsical show closed down shortly after opening., causing a great scandal in the community. The fate of horses and the staff were left hanging. For Del Mar the tent was left for quite some time leaving the  community with a huge eyesore and a reminder of the scandal.