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As more and more homeowners recognize the value of an outdoor living space, investing just as much time and thought into design and materials makes perfect sense. Style choices traditionally confined to the four walls enveloping a home spill out into landscaping and focal structures, delivering as much of a statement as any sitting room. There are a few necessary considerations when designing for the outdoors; natural elements is chief among them. An investment on the scale of an outdoor living room should stand up to any kind of weather, without compromising on style. That’s where redwood stands out as the building material of choice for outdoor living.

Redwood timbers, beams, and posts are a great choice for any outdoor landscaping plan. Redwood is one of the lightest, yet structurally strong, softwoods found in North America. These natural qualities make redwood the ideal wood to use wherever your plans call for large structural components. But what’s even better: it has excellent strength and durability, shrinks and swells less than other woods, and is less likely to warp or split. And each piece of lumber is naturally unique, with its own grain, color, and texture.

Timbers can be incorporated any number of ways into a landscape design:

Architectural features – create striking focal points with the raw beauty of a redwood timber featured on the façade of an accessory structure, or as part of a transition from one part of the yard to another. Create overhangs off the home with an exposed-beam design featuring redwood timbers.

Hardscaping – rooted in nature, redwood timbers can create stunning borders to define garden beds from lawns, border paths to lead you around the space, or as part of a more intricate design working in other natural materials like stone.

Open structures – gazebos provide shade where it may not naturally occur, but also reinforce your design aesthetic. From Victorian latticework to minimalist symmetry, a gazebo can create a room within an outdoor living room.

Pergolas – a great way to enjoy outdoor living spaces, with their open sides and slatted roofs that provide some shade, but don’t completely block the sun. Pergolas can be built over many different areas of a yard, such as over a hot tub, attached to the house and over a deck. Pergolas can also frame an outdoor kitchen space.

When you’re planning your outdoor living space, you want both the design and materials that stand the test of time. It only makes sense that the “bones” of the space have a hardiness and harmony with the rest of your surroundings. Natural products such as wood create an effortless transition outdoors from the ground to the planned space. 

Humboldt Redwood lumber is naturally free from harmful chemicals or petroleum additives that may be found in alternative materials like plastic composites. Because it is a natural wood product that has not been pressure treated, it is an excellent option for planters and garden boxes where edible plants, herbs, or vegetables may be grown.

In addition, biodegradable redwood lumber does not end up in landfills at the end of its useful life. And for every tree we take out of the forest during harvesting, approximately seven seedlings are replanted in its place, ensuring an ongoing cycle of renewal and replenishment.

The natural hardiness of redwood makes it the perfect material for structural yet visually interesting features in your outdoor space. This product is renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable, providing environmental advantages over alternative building materials. Redwood timbers are milled from the same sustainably managed and  harvested forest lands that all our redwood lumber comes from, making the dramatic scale and strength inherent in all redwood lumber widely available.

From shade structures to gazebos, arbors that transition from one point in the yard to another, exposed framing or rafters, more and more homeowners appreciate the natural beauty of redwood that makes their own space all the more breathtaking. Using redwood timbers provides a great starting point to enjoy outdoor living spaces and make a beautiful design a stunning addition to any home. 

To learn more about one of nature’s most environmentally friendly, beautiful and strong building materials and to find local redwood dealers, visit Get Redwood.   

Jessica Hewitt is Director of Marketing at Humboldt Redwood Company. HRC is working to cultivate a lasting legacy of environmentally responsible forestry and sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution of top-quality redwood lumber products.

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