"Ring" the Wedding Bells in San Diego

Stunning Rings to Symbolize Your Marriage

Halo Diamond Band 14K, $1,599.

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The story of your love is precious, something to be treasured and retold again and again, but did you know some of our strongest wedding traditions have a deep history, too? Engagement and wedding rings originated almost 6,000 years ago in Egypt, where braided rings of hemp or reeds were traded between spouses. Historians conclude that the Egyptians wore these symbols of loyalty and affection on the fourth finger of their left hand because the Egyptians believed the vein of love—or vena amoris—ran directly from the body’s heart to the top of the modern day “ring finger.”

Nowadays, a wedding ring symbolizes an everlasting connection—with no clear ending or beginning to a ring’s circular shape, a ring is the embodiment of an eternity of love and happiness. As an emblem of the love you feel for your sweetie, a ring should be something you never take off. With such hefty promises weighing down on a small piece of metal, it’s imperative to find the engagement or wedding ring best suited to your tastes—just like with a bride’s wedding gown, consider all of your bejeweled options before committing to a ring. 

Women's Wedding and Engagement Rings

Nina Runsdorf Sliced Diamond Ring, $2,800.
Nina Runsdorf Sliced Diamond Ring, $2,800.
Signature Forevermark Black Label Diamond Bridal Set 18K, $12,999.
Signature Forevermark Black Label Diamond Bridal Set 18K, $12,999.
Ziza, $2,995.
​Ziza, $2,995.
Finn Love Knot
Finn Love Knot Ring, $750.