Romantic Weekend Getaways in California

Fun California Places to Escape to with Your Partner

Catalina Island

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Life has a tendency to be hectic. It also has a tendency to feel all-consuming, distracting and just a little bit maddening. It’s important to make time for fun and relaxing, but it’s also important to make the time to do both of these things with that special someone in your life. Why not plan a relaxing and romantic weekend getaway with your partner? Here are some suggestions for romantic California getaways.

Catalina Island

Go on an island adventure to get away from it all. Only 22 miles away from the mainland, this island is perfect for a nice weekend escape. This island is so simple and relaxed there isn’t even a need for traffic lights (seriously, there isn’t even a single traffic light on the island).

Stay at Mt. Ada in Avalon where you will be treated like royalty and enjoy a view looking over Avalon Bay. The guests at this fine hotel have access to a pool, hot tub, tennis court, golf and a historical casino. The stay also includes food amenities (breakfast, lunch and evening appetizers and wine, as well as a “butler’s pantry” stocked with snacks). As if all of this wasn’t enough, you will also have access to a golf cart to get around the island during your stay. All of this and many more luxuries await you at the Mt. Ada hotel.