Sand Cloud Apparel Adding Luxury to Beach Towels

Made right here in San Diego.

Sand Cloud Luxury Beach Towels

You have to admit: living in San Diego, you can’t go wrong with the weather. Already half past August, we are entering autumn—but that doesn’t stop San Diegans from hitting the beach and pool. Based in San Diego, Sand Cloud is the new and innovative beach lifestyle brand created by three FINE gentleman, Steven Ford, Brandon Leibel and Bruno Aschidamini. They created trendy–designed Turkish cotton towels with a built in pillow. Talk about that extra comfort on the beach! The best thing about their products is 10% of their proceeds go to the Surfrider Foundation and San Diego Coastkeeper. 

Interview with co–founder Brandon Leibel about Sand Cloud’s sandy success:

How did the concept of Sand Cloud come to be? 

The concept of Sand Cloud came to be after me and my 2 business partners saw an opportunity to start a brand that specializes in the niche beach towel market. We wanted to create a towel brand that focused on unique features and patterns.

What is the purpose of Sand Cloud?

The purpose of Sand Cloud is to create innovative towels that help create awareness for the conservation of our beautiful beaches and Marine Life. 

Describe the overall lifestyle of Sand Cloud.

We believe the beach lifestyle is something you never have to grow out of. For us, the sand cloud lifestyle represents freedom, friendship and communing with nature. We are 3 friends with a shared vision: to protect the beaches, ocean, marine life and lifestyle we love by building a company that not only represents this vision, but gives back to help fund non–profits that support our cause. Since day one, we’ve worked to create beautiful, innovative products to inspire people and help create awareness.

What products are available? Where does the design come from?

We have the pillow towel, pocket towel, XL beach blanket, boho towel and bag towel. All of our products come with a custom feature which we designed ourselves. All of our products are handmade in Turkey from the finest cotton.

Tell us more about the proceeds to Marine Life.

When you purchase Sand Cloud products, you help to preserve and protect beaches, oceans and marine life. 10% of our net profits are donated to organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation, and through our partnership with San Diego Coastkeeper we organize regular beach clean ups. We’re extremely committed to raising awareness for these key issues.

How does one become an Ambassador?

Our ambassador team is instrumental in building our brand, not only from a numbers standpoint, but also from a product development angle. We truly value the opinion of our team, and we are always asking our ambassadors for their advice on new product ideas through social media. By joining our team, you are joining a worldwide team that loves the beach and shares our vision for a cleaner world. Our ambassadors are also featured daily on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. You can email for more information.

What makes Sand Cloud unique compared to other beach products?

Compared to other beach apparel brands, we are very unique. We are one of the only companies that specializes in towels and has a brand ambassador team of 3,000 members. Rather than guess what our customers want, we are always asking questions through social media. I think that what really makes us unique is how we pretty much let our team build our brand from the inside out.

Where is Sand Cloud available for purchase?

A large majority of our sales are online, but you can find Sand Cloud in various surf shops around the country. We are in a few San Diego stores, along with Florida and Hawaii.

What's next for Sand Cloud?

We really don’t exactly know what the future has in store for our brand. Right now our main focus is building our ambassador team and coming out with more awesome products. 

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