Stuck in Traffic? Here Are Productive Things You Can Do

Going to work is one thing, and having to brave the heavy traffic is another. On average, people working in Manila spend around 1,000 hours a year stuck in traffic when traveling to and from their office. This translates to wasted hours in terms of productivity and more importantly, time supposedly spent with family and friends.

The cycle can be tough for anyone, with a lot of time and money going down the drain. It also has a significant effect on people's mental health and mood, even before the workday starts. If the hours are just too long and you are dead tired and stressed every day, you have the option to relocate to a place near your office. If you work in Ortigas, for instance, you can get a preselling condo unit along C-5 Road.

However, if your budget does not allow for it, and you just cannot cut your travel time, what you can do instead is to make the most out of your time stuck in traffic. Use if for learning, self-reflection, and growth. How, exactly? Here are some suggestions.

Listen to Music

Depending on what you are riding, listening to music is best for when you are in a shuttle, Grab car, or other private vehicles. Music is a good way to pass the time and take your mind off the stressful side of traffic. You can create a traffic playlist on your phone and see your songs in a whole new light.

Read a Book

Whether it is a physical or digital copy, reading a book not only helps reduce your stress but also kills time very well. Avoid reading blogs and articles that talk about the horrible traffic situation you are in, though. It will not do you any favor, psychologically.

Take a Power Nap

This is obviously ill-advised if you are the one driving, but beneficial if you are a passenger in a car. You could use some extra sleep, even if it is just a few minutes, so go on and take a power nap. Prepare yourself for your stop, though.

Talk to Your Loved Ones

Traffic time is also a good opportunity to catch up with your significant other or friends. You will be amazed at how fast time flies when you are talking to the right people. It also shows that you do care about them even if you are not always around physically.

Plan Your Day

If a busy day awaits you today or tomorrow, you might as well use the time now to visualize the things you expect to happen and the things you need to do, be it activities in the office or chores to do when you get home. It is also the perfect time to reflect on any important decisions you may need to make, such as your short-term and long-term goals.

Heavy traffic in the metro has long been a problem that many people have become used to it. You have to remember, however, that no one can take time back. So, instead of just being angry for a situation you have no full control of, take control of your current circumstances by making productive use of your time in traffic. Do not make your everyday commute more stressful than it already is.