Top 5 San Diego Hotels And Things To Do There

Here’s a list of some of San Diego’s highest-reviewed hotels:

Hotel room

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The hospitality industry, specifically hotels, rakes in over 500 billion dollars annually internationally. With the best room service, gourmet meals, quality beddings and accommodations, it is no wonder people buy into the hotels’ glamour. But sometimes people forget that determining a good hotel is not always necessarily about finding the priciest ones, or finding the ones that provide the most amenities. You have to look at your own needs, budget, and the overall package they offer. If you’re looking to spend just a night or two, you don’t necessarily need a place that has the best of the best. For southern Californian locals and tourists alike, here is a list of some of the best hotelsin San Diego (all with at least a 4/5 star rating) in terms of quality, price, and overall services and perks they provide:


1. Marriott Marquis, Marina

The Marriott Marquis in San Diego boasts of having the award winning cuisine at Marina Kitchen Restaurant & Bar and Roy’s Asian fusion dishes. If you’re wondering what you could do around the area, there are a number of activities and places to check out. For example there are several museums, aquariums,and animal parks that can be found nearby. With good public transportation you won’t even need a car to get to places around the area. Also Legoland is only 30 minutes away if you’re travelling with any younger ones. Some of the amenities include a spa, pools, and a fitness room with complimentary classes, if desired. Rooms are close to $500 per night.


2. Residence Inn, Sorrento Mesa/Sorrento Valley

This building has a very modern design and vibe. Quality, complimentary breakfast is included as one of the perks of this hotel. Their nice rooftop pool is another one of the amenities they offer along with mini kitchens, and free Wi-Fi. Unfortunately they don’t have a spa but in turn is pet friendly for those that want to bring your cats and dogs. The reviewers rave about the friendly and professional staff. However, prepare to spend at least $500 per night for one bedroom.


3. Kimpton Hotel Palomar

Noted as one of the ‘best value’ hotels online, the KimptonHotel Palomar has a very chic interior and exterior look. It is located next to all the popular night life scenes with clubs and bars that are regularly popping. One nice thing to notice about their site is the user-friendly aspect of it. When looking for rooms to book the site automatically leads you to the page where all the prices and rooms are laid out very simply yet thoroughly.According to the prices, for one bed you will be spending at least $490 and $637 for a suite. 


4. Paradise Point Resort & Spa

Paradise Point Resort has a more tropical vibe and is located at the tourist hotspot of San Diego on Mission Bay— it is close by the Balboa Park, downtown, the San Diego Zoo, and the airport.One thing to point out about Paradise Point Resort is their award winning spa, There are events happening all year round that you can check out whether its conferences, brunches, and ‘Sunday Fundays’. For more details about that, Paradise Point Resort has a tab just for this schedule on their site. They also offer wedding services and you can find deals online to book a room for as low as $209 for two beds.


5. Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel

Situated along the bay, this hotel also hits the jackpot when it comes to location. There are a ton of things to do nearby Not only is it relatively close to the San Diego International Airport, it is next to downtown where all the trendy shops and restaurants are. Shopping and entertainment are two things to do around for those that are looking for things to do. It is also walking distance from the San Diego Convention Center. The amenities are top notch with free Wi-Fi, pools, a 24-hour gym, and public sundecks. Like Paradise Point Resort & Spa, this hotel offers a lower per-night rate of $399 for one bed.