6 Top Reasons to Hire A Professional House Cleaning Service


Today we’re having an open discussion about the 6 top reasons to hire a professional house cleaning service for your home.

Here’s a question:

Have you ever been embarrassed when a relative…maybe even your mother-in-law (gasp)…dropped by unexpectedly for a visit? You may have joked around with them with a casual, “Sorry about the mess, but the maid’s on vacation.”

Everyone probably had a good chuckle. But all joking aside, you wouldn’t have suffered from dirty house shame if you had hired a house cleaner!


Save Time

First and foremost, a professional house cleaner will save you time that you can spend doing other things.

Nowadays, we are all busy. We all face the increasingly demanding requirement of our jobs that require us to have our cell phones on 24/7. In addition, we have aging parents who need checked in on. Add the pressures of supervising homework, driving carpool, PTA meetings, and day to day tasks, and your time is toast!

Who has time to clean the home perfectly?

And, honestly. Aren’t there a million and one things you’d rather be doing than drudging through your housekeeping chores?


Professional Quality Cleaning Service

Professional cleaners are just that. Professional.

Where you may be frustrated with trying to get a small stain out of your tile floor, they will know exactly how to remove it once and for all. They have seen it all, done it all, and aren’t afraid to tackle your cleaning chores.

The quality of cleaning performed by experts is far superior to that of most homeowners. To put it quite bluntly, a skilled cleaner will do a better job than you will!


Save Money on Cleaning Supplies

While I can’t promise that you’ll never purchase another bottle of spray cleaner again, you’ll drastically cut down on the purchase of household cleaners.

Cleaning professionals bring their own supplies and tools, saving you some money on these products.


High-Quality Products

Not only do cleaning professional bring their own products, as mentioned above; they bring commercial quality cleaning products.

Their products can loosen and remove dirt and dust more effectively the products that you keep on hand. From the furniture polish to the toilet cleanser, their products will clean, disinfect, and polish better than yours.


Control Allergies and Asthma
If you’re an allergy or asthma patient, or have a household member who is, a professional cleaner can help keep those symptoms in check.

They use vacuums which are more effective at pulling deep dirt, pollen, pet hair, and dander from the carpets and remove it completely from your home. They dust from the ceiling fan blades to the baseboards on whatever schedule you set for them to do so. In fact, they can even run your sheets in that hot water wash as prescribed by the allergist but which you really don’t do as often as you should!

Let your house cleaner know of allergies to any particular fragrances or chemicals, and they can custom-tailor a cleaning plan that will make you feel better!

If living with dust and pet dander makes you start sneezing, this is an incredible option for you. It eliminates it from your home and keeps you from needing to deal with it!


Custom-Tailor a Cleaning Program

Cleaning programs can be customized to suit any needs. Perhaps you want a weekly once-over and a quarterly heavy cleaning. Or, maybe you want full-service cleaning every two weeks and you “touch-up” in between their visits.

Cleaning programs are specific and tailored to your needs and your budget.



Ultimately, you’ll need to decide if a house cleaner is the best option for you. Some may argue that it’s a luxury, but I respond that it’s a lifestyle enhancement that’s worth every penny!

Author Bio:

John D., of John D Cleaning, is a cleaning industry expert. He has over 20 years of experience in the home services industry. John built his brand based on a commitment to customer satisfaction and quality service. He is making Houston clean, one home at a time!