Ultherapy's Powerful Effect on Collagen

Why this non-surgery treatment is gaining popularity

Ultherapy machine

Is beauty all that? Do people still judge books by their cover? 

The answer is an irrefutable “yes.” Although modern sentiments try to steer us clear of such judgement, a Princeton University study published Oct. 22, 2007, showed that with just a split–second glance at a person’s face, we can form permanent conclusions about their leadership skills, vigor, intelligence and more. With appearance as important as ever, our society invests itself daily in the war against aging.

We also recognize, more than ever, the need to take care of ourselves. Our overall health has been improving; over the past century, our global life expectancy has more than doubled (from 30 years in 1900 to 70 years today). With modern health advances and medical technology, 50 is the new 30. And if we all feel younger on the inside, shouldn’t we do something to ensure we look younger on the outside, too?

There are the untold secrets that women hold inside that keep them looking young. I want those collagen to be stored in the bank.”

Ultherapy Before & After Photos

ultherapy before and after photo

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to boost collagen production, tightening and lifting your skin naturally—it’s like sonar for your skin! It’s the only treatment approved by the FDA to tighten your skin without surgery or downtime. Ultherapy has gained popularity for its use on loose neck, chin and under–eye skin, but recently it’s even been used on wrinkled décolletage. This laser works on deep tissue, ensuring it lasts.

My problem area was loose skin and I wanted a skin–tightening treatment, so I decided to try Ultherapy for myself. Ultherapy can be performed locally in San Diego by some of our top doctors, but I went to one of the leaders in the industry, Dr. Sabrina Fabi. Dr. Fabi was an early adopter of the Ultherapy technology and has been using it in her practice since 2011.

I underwent Ultherapy treatment 5 months ago, receiving treatment on my entire face, all the way to my décolletage. Did it hurt? Honestly, I found the treatment to be uncomfortable and slightly painful, but others feel no pain at all and some have even been known to sleep right through it. For me, I’m more than willing to endure a little pain if that’s the price for staying beautiful. The next day I experienced some tightness in my skin and it was a little sensitive to the touch. I immediately sensed that the treatment was working.

Ultherapy’s changes occur over a three month period and I watched as my face transformed. Five months later, my skin looks great! I can sense notable changes in my skin. Areas I was previously self–conscious about, like the loose skin along my neck and jaw, are visibly tighter. My skin has a new youthful glow and I’ve found myself doing less and less to camouflage previous problem areas.

My profession means I’m always in the public eye; at any time I could be judged by my appearance. When I set out on this skin–changing journey, I only hoped to find a treatment that could restore even a pinch of my youth, but through my extensive research, I discovered the best treatment for my skin. Now, when I face the judgmental eye of the public, I can stand with confidence! As the historical philosopher, Chanakya once said, “The world’s biggest power is the youth and beauty of a woman.” And I feel more powerful than ever!