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Photo by Kaya Honeymoon Volunteers

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Typical honeymoons are wondrous in their own right, but in a time of celebrating change, many of us are searching for something a bit more unique than those traditional get–aways. This post–nuptial launch into newly–wedded bliss has transformed over the years; it’s no longer meant to be a post–wedding right–of–passage and introduction into intimacy—that probably happened a long time ago. Couples today are likely already living together, trudging through the challenges of life and the exhaustive tasks of preparing a wedding. Modern honeymoons are more about an intimate celebration, a stress–free time when you and your new spouse can finally exhale and forge a new life together.

Today’s newlyweds are looking for more from their honeymoon, or at least something a little more unique. Just as destination weddings combine nuptials with vacation, so can a honeymoon combine a gateway of connection while also adding unexpected growth and adventure in fun and rewarding ways, like volunteering, spirituality, outdoor adventures and exploring new cultures.

Kaya Honeymoon Volunteers

Do you like the idea of bonding together while making a difference in the world? How about getting to know cultures outside the overstated touristy neighborhoods? Are you also hoping to break away on a budget following your expensive wedding? Kaya Honeymoon Volunteers, which is based out of the UK, is an example of an organization that can help you do all three. They have programs set up in 27 countries, some of which are already specifically designed for honeymooners. While their most popular options for new couples are working with lions in Zimbabwe and marine conservation on an island in Belize, their many options include conservation initiatives, safaris through wildlife research, community initiatives and more.

For about $3,000, you and your new spouse can spend two weeks creating an incredible platform for your blossoming marriage as you learn about yourselves and each other. As Helwig Jones, Director of Kaya Responsible Travel points out, “It’s a honeymoon with a lot of heart!” Adventure and alms–giving await!

If you’re looking for a more peaceful experience through which you can bond with your new man or lady on a different level, a great option lies in a spiritual retreat. This gives the two of you the chance to step out of the chaos of American life in order to begin this fresh phase of your lives with a sense of peace and tranquility, setting the stage for your wedded future.


Parmarth Niketen

​India may be known for its chaotic streets, but it also has some of the most peaceful ashram and yoga retreats in the world. If you like the idea of being in the Himalayas but don’t want to feel too remote, Parmarth Niketen has over 1,000 rooms spread across eight acres, making it the largest ashram in Rishikesh. They take their practice very seriously and are not open for sightseeing, but they’re happy to accommodate honeymooning pairs who are serious about practicing for a suggested room donation of $25–$50 per night. You’ll leave feeling well–rested and in tune with yourself and your spouse.



Maybe you two are looking to indulge in European culture. Staying at an enchanted Italian winery may not seem like the most unique honeymoon destination, but how about being an active participant in a cooking school while vacationing in a villa onsite? Since you’re going to be cooking with and for this person for the rest of your life, this is the perfect opportunity to shape up on those skills!

Tuscookany in Tuscany is an all–inclusive experience, with organic ingredients and resources that either come straight from their own land or are trucked in from local producers and farmers. In fact, they even produce their own energy, heat and water. Tuscookany offers Italian cooking programs for week–long and three day programs (Monday to Thursday or Thursday to Monday) and a Mediterranean cooking program for the week–long program only. Whether making this the sole destination or one stop of many while exploring the country’s museums and other amazing options, this is one romantic resting stop that you’ll always remember.