10 Ways to Improve Your Self Confidence

Self-confidence is the secret behind successful individuals and those who shine beauty from the inside out, but if you’re stuck in a rut, feeling self-conscious and lacking in self-belief, it can be truly challenging to change your mindset and start seeing yourself in a more positive light.


If you can, however, improve your self-confidence, you’ll find it impacting all parts of your life for the better. You’ll feel more capable in your career, be more loving to friends and family, and be able to take control of the direction of your life. To give you a helping hand, here are ten ways to improve your self-confidence.


Update your wardrobe


Starting with a makeover that anyone can undergo: it’s time to clean out your wardrobe and keep only the items that make you feel good. Stop holding on to garments that don’t fit, whether they are too big or too small, or which aren’t colors and styles that suit you.


Clothing is one of the easiest ways to feel more confident in your own skin. So, clear some space to bring new, empowering outfits into your life. If you’re unsure how you should be dressing, why not invest in a personal shopping experience and ask a professional to help you find clothing you love?


Wear your best qualities with pride — and that’s not just your external qualities!


Try not to define yourself by your external features, such as “I have big eyes” or “I have brown hair.” While highlighting these characteristics may help you feel more confident in yourself, it’s the emotional qualities that you possess which will have the most significant impact.


It’s likely (unless you’re incredibly self-aware) that you aren’t in touch with your greatest internal qualities. So, ask your friends why they value you as a friend; ask family members what they love so much about you. You’ll soon learn that your attributes such as trustworthiness, emotional intelligence, sense of humor or kind heart are qualities you should wear with pride. Armed with this insight, you can feel more confident about the wonderful person that you are.


Make eye contact


It’s easy to hurry through life without making real connections or to put yourself out there to bond with new people. It may be due to shyness; it may be due to complacency.


Whatever the reason, try to make eye contact with strangers more frequently. Look the barista in the eye as you pay for your coffee, engage with the next person who opens the door for you. Indeed, ensure you’re maintaining good eye contact with even your closest friends. Once you’ve got the bravery to lock eyes with someone, you’ll feel an inner sense of confidence beginning to blossom.


Believe in your decision making


Have conviction in the decisions you make and don’t doubt yourself. It might be you’re naturally impulsive; it might be that you prefer to plan. Whichever approach feels most comfortable for you, believe that you will do the right thing.


Try not to let money overcome you. Money comes, and money goes, whereas your belief in yourself should be everlasting. When faced with out-of-the-blue decisions, such as medical treatment, focus on your emotional wellbeing and delegate other concerns. Use same day loans from Bonsai Finance to quickly deal with the finances, allowing yourself to proceed with confidence.


Decide what you want out of life


Being true to your deepest desires and aspirations will enable you to feel more confident. You may need to break free of what’s expected of you or stray from an unhappy path you’re walking now. Speak your truth, as there’s no greater way to amplify belief in yourself.


Work towards your dreams


Once you know what you want from life, don’t be afraid to start reaching for it. Your dreams probably won’t be achieved overnight, and will likely require hard work. However, every step in the right direction will make you feel more courageous, more capable and more ready to take on the challenges your ambition may present.


Love yourself


The most important thing you can do in your life is to love yourself. Of course, loving others is important too, but you can only truly show affection for other individuals once you have love in your own heart.


Every day, think of one thing you love about yourself. Revel in that insight, use it to bolster your self-belief and begin to appreciate yourself as much as others appreciate you.


Use affirmations


Whether you call them ‘affirmations,’ ‘mantras' or simply ‘sayings,’ there’s a unique psychological effect in repeating a phrase to yourself, which causes you to start believing in what you’re saying truly.


For instance, if you wake up every morning and tell yourself you’re fat, you will start to feel fat even if you are not. So, if you wake up every morning and choose to tell yourself you’re beautiful, you will feel it. If you walk into the office and tell yourself you’re going to be great at your job today, you will be. Your words have great power, use them to build yourself up, not tear yourself down.


Walk tall and strong


The way you physically hold your body can have a huge influence on how you feel about yourself. Take a moment to notice if you sit slumped over, with your shoulders rounded in and your spine bent. If so, straighten yourself up and allow yourself to take up more space.


When walking down the street, encourage yourself to stand tall and take each step with purpose. If you pair this with making eye contact with passersby, you’ll immediately feel more sure of yourself.


Start exercising


Exercise is a good solution to most of life’s challenges. The endorphins you get from a workout, as well as the physical results you’ll see, combined with a clearer mind, leaving you refreshed, confident and ready to tackle challenges.


Find a sport that works for you; don’t suffer through an aerobics class if it doesn’t make you feel good. Look for activities where you’ll see and feel improvements quickly, as this will encourage you to keep it up.