What’s in YOUR Beach Bag?

Summer Essentials for Days at the Beach

Revolve, Misa Los Angeles Marrakech Ciao Bag, $108.00

Photo by Revolve

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Chances are a visit to the beautiful San Diego beaches, a poolside day, or a far-off vacation are in your future. FINE has complied a list of the best beach day products to keep you both prepared and fashionable. The most important part of a beach trip or a poolside romp is making your experience customizable. Whether you would like to go the casual route or invest in some high-end pieces, ensuring comfort is key to a successful day. 


With a great beach day comes a great beach tote. The ideal tote is chic and functional. Giving up style for space is a fashion don’t! Here are options that feature both style and function. 

Revolve Bag

Revolve, The Beach People x Revolve Jute Tulum Bag, $34.00


Jadetribe, Multi Tassel Square Basket Tote, $176.00

Revolve Kayu

Revolve, Kayu St Tropez Tote Bag, $115.00


A day by the water wouldn’t be complete without a fantastic set of speakers. Nixon produces a speaker that is waterproof and portable, making it easy to transport your music on the go.

Nixon speakers

Nixon, Blaster, $87.50


Believe or not, a nice beach towel can run upwards in price pretty quickly. These round towels by Cotton On are way too adorable and come at a decent price. Lay out on a warm summer day and prepare to relax. 

Cotton Round Towel

Cotton: On, Round Towel, $34.95


Hydrate yourself so sun poisoning does not occur. Nothing is worse than feeling light-headed and sun drunk after a long day in the heat. S’well makes excellent water bottles that keep drinks cold for 24 hours. As well as being BPA free, S’well has collections in all different colors and sizes. S’well has also teamed up with UNICEF to provide drinking water to children all over the world.

S'well waterbottle

S’well, Opal Marble, $35.00