Yoga vs. Pilates

Which is Best for You, Yoga or Pilates?

Yoga vs Pilates

Yoga and pilates are extremely popular methods of modern health and wellness. Each provide a unique way of connecting the mind, the body, and even the spirit. There are many differences between the two, but it would be hard to argue that one is more beneficial for health than the other. To understand which one is best for you, you should know what makes yoga and pilates different. 


Each practice had its own unique beginning. For yoga, it was thousands of years ago. Yoga began as—and still is—a discipline for the religion of Hindu. Practitioners use breathing techniques, meditation, and movement to achieve a higher level of self. Although one could argue that pilates entertains the philosophy of connecting one’s spirit to health and wellness, yoga does it on an entirely different level. It’s commonly used as an exercise for western societies, but yoga was always intended to be used as a way to acquire a deeper level of enlightenment and a better understanding of where practitioners fit in with the universe. If you find yourself uncomfortable with your body or lost in society, the practice of yoga creates an extremely accepting environment.


Pilates is much younger than yoga, and many would consider pilates to be more fitness-oriented. Joseph Pilates, the founder of pilates, was an active person. Fitness was the biggest aspect in his life, and that remained true when he founded contrology, or as we know it “pilates.” Pilates became a highly recognized method for exercise during the twentieth century. Through practicing the principles of pilates, one can acquire a new level of control over their body. People who have accepted pilates as a source for their health and well-being are people who exercise to improve their quality of life. Therefore, pilates is much bigger than a form of exercise—it can also be a practiced lifestyle.

Yoga and Pilates 

Yoga and pilates both are commonly used by people for exercise, however, they prove to be much more than that. The benefits of yoga and pilates can push someone towards a happier path in life. The importance is in what each person makes of them. The benefits related to exercise are very similar, but the practices are different. In yoga, people use chanting techniques, meditation, controlled breathing, and hand signs to help balance spirituality. Also, in modern yoga, instructors use different controlled movements of the body, balanced with inhalation and exhalation, to guide students through the physical aspect. 

The physical aspects of both yoga and pilates use this balanced formula of controlled movements and controlled breathing. While control can be acquired through movements similar to the positions common in yoga, pilates can be practiced on machines as well. Through one-on-one instruction, reformers and other such machines are used to guide the body through physical movements that help build stronger muscles. Pilates is practical for those who find themselves prone to injury or are in bad physical condition.

The best way to determine which one is right for you is to try both. Whichever class you find more comfortable is the class you should revisit. No matter which one you choose, don’t underestimate the difficulty, and don’t be discouraged. The only way you can improve your body, mind, and spirit using yoga or pilates is through practice. 

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