Gorgeous Shoes for the Winter Season in San Diego

Must-Have Winter Boots


San Diego doesn’t usually experience extreme weather, which definitely influences our wardrobe. Most of us have closets full of simple, light layers—but we still love participating in fall and winter fashions, especially shoes. This season's top clothing must–haves include sheer leggings, wool sweaters and dresses, and long wraps or covers that go perfectly with San Diego’s typical easy weather. Layers are the safest bet here in San Diego, especially with out recent unpredictable weather patters. But what's a changing wardrobe without adding fabulous shoes to liven up the outfit? This season brings plenty of new winter boots and styles from designers like Micheal Kors, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin, Burberry and Coach—but you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to get these styles. Instead, you can find these same styles for less, as long as you know what to look for. 


Great Winter Boots and Trends

This season, winter boots with laces are a must have. Lace–up shoes were big during the summer, too, but this season has brought some evolved differences to what we saw last season. Everything from sandals to boots to pumps are sporting a variety of laces. Ankle boots or booties are also a must–have this season. They are versatile and can be worn casually with jeans or leggings to give a yourself a different image.


Many booties are being sold with double buckets that wrap around the heel and bump up the boldness of what might have been a plain boot before. These will pair well with jeans and call attention to the shoes first. They are practical, keeping your feet warm, but also add some style with a distressed lace–up design that can be paired with a flared dress. Laces aren’t the only new flair; zippers are coming back as well, and can be paired with a long–sleeved black dress and tights when it’s cold out.

Winter Boots

You absolutely must have a classic pump. Fall/Winter Runways showed them everywhere. Pumps can be worn with pants, leggings or trousers for a business look or for meeting friends. The small thin heel is in, like kitten heels. If you’d rather avoid the small heel, you can try a decorated heel instead, something with beading or another type of bling. These embellished heels can have any height because the idea is to show off the back of the heel.


Peep–toe shoes, like sandals and platforms, showed up as designers took inspiration front he 1970’s. This is a good fit for San Diego residents on the days when our weather is back to regular, mild temperatures. It allows us to show off our pedicure and let our feet breath a little. Peep–toed shoes are found with thick or thin heels and made with many different materials, like cork or leather.


Chunky heels are also in, making some shoes more comfortable for our feet. Height doesn’t matter in the case of the chunky heel, as long as they are bulky. This style offers more stability, but also allows for a people to add something sexy to their outfit. Hidden platforms and chunky heels can be worn with a cocktail dress and a nice jacket. On the other hand, heels and flats with a pointed toe can be paired with columnist pants or jeans with a Portofino shirt, boyfriend tee or long sleeve high–low Tee. Pointed toe platform pumps look great with a simple jersey t–shirt dress. 


Thigh–high boots are the pinnacle of fashion this season. New this year, some of these styles feature patterns and have decorated heels to draw even more attention to the boots. Knee–high stocking boots are nearly as popular as these thigh–high boots; both are uniquely feminine and comfortable. If you’re looking for mile–long legs, these winter boots are your perfect choice. 


Suede is the material of the season. Many of these shoe styles feature suede mixed with leather or other materials. Suede may be the “it” material, but Oxblood is the new color, found everywhere from oxford shoes and loafers to tights this season. 


Taking inspiration from the 1970’s, fringe is in, especially with booties; the delicate addition gives booties some new flair and updates the plain black or brown bootie from last season. Fringe heel booties with suede will pair well with a sweater dress. Loafers were also seen on the Fall/Winter runway this year. Designers paired miniskirts with some type of school girl loafer. Speaking of the classics, Mary Jane’s are popular again but upgraded with not just one strap, but two. The double strap has shown itself in other shoes styles as well, some even having buckles. 

Winter Boots

There are plenty of options to consider when purchasing shoes this season, but you’ll not be lead astray with any of these options. Not matter what shoes you decide to get off this list, they’re sure to add some individuality to your style this season.