HVAC Company Reveals Reason Why Luxury Homes All Use Central Air


Do you own a luxury home or are you looking to give your house a modern upgrade? If so, then air conditioning is probably one of those things that have been on your mind. You’re probably wondering whether it makes more sense to get window units or central air. We talked to Joseph Langley from RA Styron Air Conditioning, and he told us that most luxury homes actually go for central air. We asked him why and he gave us a few reasons.

Central Air Means Better Quality Air


Don’t for a minute think that having window units in a few rooms in your house is just as good as a central air unit. Room air conditions lack one key advantage that central air has, which is that they do not clean your air as they cool it. A central air unit will utilize the existing ducts in your house to filter air as it is circulated around the house. This raises the overall air quality in your house and makes for many health benefits for the occupants of the house. You get better sleep, suffer from allergies less and might even enjoy a lower risk of getting respiratory illnesses. The only catch is that you change the filters every month or so.

No Mold


The fresh air comes with another advantage that any homeowner, luxury home or not, will appreciate. Good quality air translates to less dampness and that translates to less mold since mold flourishes in a damp environment. Mold can also corrupt the structural integrity of a building, so the less of it, the better. Luxury homes that feature central air have high value because they're structurally better preserved than their counterparts without central air. Your health is also better protected as mildew won’t grow in your house. Some types of mildew are known to be a health hazard.

Central Air Can Be Used for Both Heating and CoolingReason-Why-Luxury-Homes-All-Use-Central-Air

Sure, it seems like installing all that ductwork just so you can have a cooler summer is more work than necessary. The good news is that that’s not the only thing the ductwork is there for. Central air is a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system, and that means it includes heating just as it includes cooling. Your central air unit will be your best friend both in the summer and in the winter.

Energy Efficiency


It is true that central air consumes more power than one or two window units and that it costs more to install. However, central air permeates your entire house. On the other hand, you would have to install a window unit in every room in the house to achieve the same effect. With a window unit in every room, those devices consume much more power than a central unit. Central air units also have higher energy-efficiency units than their window unit counterparts. In the long run, you’ll be saving a lot more money on central air as compared to multiple window units.