Spring is Blooming at the Carlsbad Flower Fields

No need to wait for April showers to bring us flowers in 2017!

Carlsbad, San Diego Flower Fields 2017

Nature has a beautiful way of letting us know when spring is on its way. Whether it is in the form of ideal warm weather or trees in full bloom, its difficult to miss the budding season that is quickly approaching. For the Flower Fields, spring brings to life fifty acres worth of blooming flowers. Located in Carlsbad, California, the Field of Flowers is situated overlooking the beautiful coastline. 

Carlsbad Ranch is home to millions of Giant Tecolote Ranunculus and other species of flowers that vary in a number of vibrant colors just in time for spring. Visitors to the ranch can spend the day in the Flower Fields amidst the picturesque landscape of fragrant flowers and attractions. To make certain the flowers are in full bloom for the best viewing, the Flower Fields will be open starting on March 1st and closing on May 8th of 2017

Group Tours are available for parties consisting of 20 and more with options to include wagon train rides and guided tours. Learn the history of the Flower Fields firsthand from knowledgeable tour guides as well as enjoying the abundant flowers. There’s more than meets the eye in the Flower Fields, comprising of exciting attractions for parents and kids alike. 

Children are encouraged to explore and play with attractions catered to their curiosity and energy. The Sweet Pea Maze provides kids with a fun, vibrant collection of sweet pea blossoms to venture through. To get a hands-on experience, kids can go “mining” for gemstones at the Carlsbad Mining Company with authentic sifters in the water! 

Carlsbad Flower Fields

Adults can explore attractions such as the Historic Poinsettia Display, featuring Ecke’s poinsettias as well as 20 other varieties that are typically a rarity. In the Cymbidium Orchid Greenhouse, visitors can view cymbidium orchids and even purchase them at the Armstrong Garden center. A fun activity for any age is the Antique Tractor Wagon rides which take visitors around the fields of flowers accompanied by commentary of the field’s history.

The Flower Fields is not only a place for guest to explore and have a peaceful day; many schools and educational related programs are hosted on the ranch. Flower Fields teachers can either visit classrooms or take the classrooms to the fields, educating them in a hands-on environment. There is also an on-site growing programs, which immerses young students (pre-K—2nd grade) in the process of composting. 

Due to the gorgeous scenery the flowers create, the Flower Fields have become the ideal location for events. Weddings or special events turn into magnificent scenic destinations with the flowers’ natural beauty highlighting each unique occasion.

The roots of the Ranunculus flowers in this area is due to a man named Luther Gage, who planted the seeds over 85 years ago. Eventually, his neighbor’s son Edwin Frazee, would cultivate the flower into what visitors would recognize today upon arrival at the Flower Fields.

When Frazee moved the flowers to their current location, the owner of the piece of land was a man named Paul Ecke Jr. who had previously been using the landscape to cultivate poinsettias. These two quickly became friends and planted the flowers for many years, eventually recognizing the tourist value in their collaboration. Everything guests see when they enter the Flower Fields now is directly due to the two men’s love and interest in flowers.

Tickets and season pass prices for the Flower Fields can be found on their website along with any other information you might need for your visit.