window blinds Hot Decor Items To Keep An Eye On In 2023

Décor is an art that is always evolving and changing, year after year trends rise, fall and eventually return again in one way or another, much like everything in life décor is constantly changing and evolving.

Now that 2022 is coming to a close, it’s time to look forwards to 2023 and speculate on what trends we’ll be seeing a lot more of. We’ve identified four major trends which we’ll more than likely see a rise to prominence across the next year.

Day & Night Window Blinds

It feels like almost every year there’s a bold new trend in the world of window shades, as new types of blinds come and go. It appears that in 2023 day and night blinds will finally get their time in the Sun as the trendiest type of blind around.

There’s already a lot of excitement around day and night blinds, thanks to their striking striped design, which allows the blinds to be used at day and at night, but the striped design also creates a lot of opportunities to play with natural light and shade in the home, working perfectly with layered lighting to create stunning effects.

Art Deco Inspired Wallpaper

One trend which looks to be incredibly popular in 2023 is the revival of Art Deco, which was originally popularised in the 1920’s. It’s well overdue for Art Deco to be back in the limelight, but the timing makes sense as Art Deco brings up thoughts of the roaring 20’s and well wouldn’t you know it, we’re slap bang in the ‘20s… albeit the 2020’s!

One area where Art Deco will be very mainstream is in wallpaper as the classy geometric patterns Art Deco is known for once again adorn our walls. Art Deco inspired walls set a great backdrop to combine modern décor elements with the classic style which still feels fresh and modern over 100 years after it first reached popularity.

Luxe Bar Carts & Drinks Tables

Another case of the roaring ‘20s being bought back is the resurgence of drinks tables and bar carts as a practical design element. More specifically, high-end and luxurious bar carts and drink tables are in the limelight as they offer a ‘Great Gatsby’ feel to them, which is sure to evoke images of the grand parties of the 1920’s.

Look out for drinks tables and bar cuts with gold tonal accents and lot’s of deep black, which will provide a grand feel to add to your home, adding a touch of classic maximalist exuberance that will stand out in a world where minimalism has become so pervasive in décor.

Academics Inspired Accessories

One trend which has emerged in 2022 and is sure to only grow bigger in 2023 is something called “Dark Academia”, a design style which is as moody as it is atmospheric. This trend looks to pull the vibes of classic “whodunit” films and provide an air of mystery.

As Dark Academia takes it’s hold as a new trend, it will popularise décor accessories pulled straight from the world of academics, with bust sculptures, vintage globes and typewriters looking to be in demand items to make a home worthy of a murder mystery.

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