Stylish Line Up Haircuts for Guys


Are you going to get a hair makeover? Well, that’s a great idea! And if you’re looking for a super clean haircut that doesn’t look too simple and boring, consider the line up hairstyle for your next cut. The line up style is the best option that can help you not only refresh your look but also highlight your individuality.


What Is a Line Up Haircut?


When it comes to the line-up hairstyle, it means that your barber is going to make your forehead, temples, sideburns and back shaved into the defined lines and acute angles with the help of the clippers and a straight razor. The line-up haircut also called the edge up, shape up or tape up one is a perfect choice for the men who want to look trendy and gorgeous from all sides and angles. Moreover, a line goes great with any hair type and any hair length and can be easily combined with other men’s haircuts.


Awesome Fade Haircuts with Lines


If you want to look stylish and unique, check out some of the best line up haircut ideas and choose the right line up style for your next ‘do.


High Taper Fade with Sleek Side Swept Top and Surgical Line

Sleek side-swept hairstyles are known as a real classic among men. If you also prefer this traditional style, but at the same time, you realize that you want to spice it up, you can combine your polished side-swept top with the high fade line up haircut. Besides, add a hard side part to look more impressive and slightly boyish. Finally, you get the mixed haircut that is the modern version of the men’s famous hairstyle.


Mid Fade with Spiky Top and Complicated Line Design

This mid fade haircut works with the textured spikes, making you look more striking and even a bit spicy. The intricate line design on the side makes you stand out in the crowd and be the center of attention wherever you are. A wonderful choice for real men!


Stunning 2 Lines Haircut with Low Fade and Dreads

As you can see, the dreadlocks never go out of style… and they create a gorgeous combination with the line up haircut. This unexpected hairstyle also features two hard parallel lines on the side that add some freshness and sharpness to the look.


High Skin Fade with Simple Two Line Haircut Design

The line up haircut goes well with curly hair because it makes your hairstyle look more neat and accurate. This classic fade buzz cut shaved into straight lines requires minimal styling. This is a great benefit! Two sidelines of different length make this style not only very comfortable for everyday life but also interesting and attractive.


Mohawk Fade Line Up Haircut

This is a cool example that shows how you can experiment with your favorite style. Make your Mohawk hairstyle more personal and ask your barber to create a solid wavy line on the side and sharpen the angles on your temples in order to stress the contrast between the low fade and longer top.