No matter the relationship, there will always be topics people would instead push to the backburner or avoid discussing entirely. In many ways, we turn hard conversations into monsters in our heads instead of tackling them head-on. This was the case for Zainab, the creator of A Game For Couples, a relationship game for long-term couples.

In December 2020, while traveling with her family and boyfriend for Christmas, her curious seven-year-old little sister asked her why she and her boyfriend weren't married yet. That innocent question led Zainab to pose the question back at herself and ask, "Why am I afraid of taking the next step in my relationship?" She realized that her apprehension wasn't because she didn't love her boyfriend (because she did) or because she wasn't ready for the next step (because she was). Her apprehension was partly due to her having important life topics she wanted to discuss with her partner but hadn't yet mustered up the courage to bring up. 

As a first-generation Nigerian-American, she knew too well how choosing the wrong partner could lead to a life of misery and unhappiness in an unkind culture to people who had unsuccessful marriages. Although she didn't want an unhappy marriage to be her story, instead of ripping off the band-aid and asking tough questions, she made herself believe that it just wasn't the right time to bring it up. 

What is A Game For Couples?

This realization led Zainab to create A Game For Couples, a couples questions card game designed to create an environment of open and honest conversation about essential life topics that may not come up naturally or may be hard to bring up. These topics are full of questions committed couples should be asking each other. Zainab created the relationship card game for people in serious relationships to help ask these questions in a fun and engaging way.  

The game touches on five subjects, each with its own specific set of questions: Health, Family, Finances, Relationships & Intimacy, and Ethics & Values. The game also includes Warm-Up cards designed to set the mood with more light-hearted questions to ease you and your partner into the headspace of communicating with each other openly and honestly. 

Why Couples Should Play

A Game For Couples is a game to help you and your partner develop open and honest communication so the two of you can plan more thoroughly for your future. The game is a tool to help you and your partner learn about what one another wants and where the two of you stand, both collectively and individually.

Having clear communication and transparency with what you want in life with your partner helps prevent outcomes that could arise from refusing to discuss important topics that broadly impact your relationship. Asking these tough questions can help you and your partner discover what the two of you want together out of your relationship.

How to Play

When it comes to playing A Game For Couples, there is no set way to play. This game was created to make it easier to discuss certain subjects with your partner, so you should play it how the two of you see fit. The game has 108 cards with over 150 questions, so while you can play it in a single sitting, you don't need to. You can decide to answer a set number of questions a day or play the game over several weeks. The questions in this game are ones you may need to pause and think about and may very well spark a conversation on its own, so you don't need to feel rushed playing A Game For Couples.

Find yourself in a relationship where you want to know your partner even better but don't know how to bring up sensitive but essential issues. A Game For Couples can help naturally introduce these topics for you and your partner to discuss. If you're interested in trying out for yourself, you can do so here.

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