Best New Years Eve Events to Go to:

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Planning an Evening in Stages


Deciding whether or not to venture out on New Years’ Eve can be a tough call, especially with the imposed hazards of post-Holiday intoxicated driver buffoonery and an already expended bank account come to call. There are options for a safe and crazy (perhaps even crunk) fun evening out to include music, dancing, dining or, last if not least, all three, without threat to either life or financial limb. The glitter and sparkle of this one special night of the year really should not be spent at home watching the countdown on one of our beloved networks: too many people have spent too much time and dozens of dollars trying to lure you out of the proverbial cave to not get dressed and go out, if only until the celebrated hour.  If you are absolutely dying to see Cooper and Cohen banter back and forth to the backdrop of Manhattan’s finest, it can always be DVR’ed. Here are a few suggestions from a gal who is proud to call this nocturnal event her own:  


Dine Finely. Most people will not likely pursue a venue like The Four Seasons as I did one year in Seattle (I was unaware of the tab, complementary of my date), but selective dining is part of the New Year’s experience. It just helps the flow of the evening, if you’ll entertain the suggestion.  Reservations come highly recommended in all major cities: Most places will have a wait for the well-dressed impromptu that can clock up to two hours.  The “Open Table” app is a perfectly efficient way to make plans while scanning for the appropriate scale of fare. If your evening’s swanky investment happens to be at a resort or hotel, the chef(s) have probably prepared a delectably thematic menu complete with complimentary champagne to go with the décor and trappings.



Music and Entertainment.  Ahhhhhh… Nothing like some good ‘ole jazz or a Gershwin symphony on New Year’s Eve…it just kind ties the evening together. Whether it be at the Kennedy Center or Blues Alley, the Saenger, or Howlin’ Wolf, something about dancing the night away is just what the doctor ordered.  I have gone either way once or twice, experiencing my first Gershwin extravaganza at Benaroya Hall in Seattle, followed by fireworks at the Space Needle; or standing next to rip roarin’ Buddy Guy in a staunchly packed, smoky room in New Orleans.  Both options are appealing and come with an interesting dress code, so go for it!


Hotel Finesse. It may be wise, as you have probably already surmised, that securing General Headquarters is the best choice with regard to any impending imbibery, and should such manifestations of singular trajectory materialize, or shimmer into being, as some have entertained, finding a quality place may be your ultimate salvation.  

Keep in mind the likelihood of loud, excited, cocktail-infused fêtards ("La bonté et le pardon me suivront Chaque jour..."); Try to get a room away from the elevator (as advised by cruise line agents).  The Hilton and Marriot have conscientious professional staff and quality accommodations suitable for noise reduction, which always becomes a priority when heads require immediate pillows.