Can a Diamond Break? Tips for Fixing Broken Jewelry

Diamonds are forever, but contrary to popular belief, a diamond can break! Diamonds score a perfect ten on the Mohs scale, which is used to grade the hardness of a material. Diamonds are incredibly durable, making them ideal for jewelry that can be worn daily. 

Damaged Diamonds 

A diamond can chip or even shatter if a great force is applied. Jewelers often hear wearers chipping a diamond on a car door, in the gym, or while gardening. In truth, any unfortunate knock can damage a diamond. 

How to Stop Diamonds from Breaking 

If you're about to take the plunge and buy the diamond of your dreams, you might feel a little short-changed to hear a diamond can break. The good news is there are steps you can take to prevent disaster.  

  • Choose the right clarity. Clarity is a huge factor when it comes to diamond durability. Trained gemologists analyze diamonds in an independent lab. Under a very powerful microscope, the gemmologist will identify any inclusions in the diamond and note their size, type, and position. 
  • Diamonds with large inclusions or inclusions close to the edge of the diamond can compromise durability and make a diamond more susceptible to chipping. A good clarity grade (VS2 and above) will ensure the diamond has no compromising inclusions. 
  • Check the setting. Diamonds need to be set with care and in precious metal. 14k-18k gold and platinum are the best choices for a diamond setting. If you are choosing a prong/claw setting, make sure you have the correct number of prongs for the size of the diamond. The more prongs, the more secure your diamond will be!
  • Find a trusted jeweler. The best jewelers will offer support and services to their customers. Diamonds are significantly emotional and financial purchases, and the jewelers' policies and customer service should reflect this. Some of these services include options to upgrade, a reasonable returns policy, and jewelry repair. You can explore what a good repair service looks like in this jewelry repair DC here.
  • Remove during hands-on activity. Many people will never take their diamonds off. However, removing a diamond ring during activities such as weightlifting, gardening, or anything very hands-on is advisable. 

Can a Broken Diamond be Repaired?

If the damaged diamond is of a significant carat weight (3.00ct and above), it may be possible to re-cut it. You will lose some weight/size after the cutting process is complete. 

Some less reliable jewelers may offer to fix the diamond using a resin. This is not advisable. Once a diamond has been broken, the internal structure has already been weakened and will break again. Resin also impacts on light return and makes the diamond look dirty and dull. 

The good news is that if you choose your diamonds carefully and buy from a trusted jeweler, they can last forever. Caring for your diamonds means they can be passed down as family heirlooms and enjoyed for generations. 


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