5 Top Home Exterior Trends  For 2018

Top Home Exterior Trends For 2018


For all homeowners out there, the exterior of your home is one of the most important parts of it. A large part of your home is viewed from the outdoors and how people see it from the exterior during passing. If you love keeping up with current trends or just feel like giving the exterior of your home a makeover then we have some great tips for you. Keeping your exterior current with popular trends is also a great way to increase the value if you're looking to sell as well.


Color Trends


When deciding on a color pallet for your home it is important to consider a color pallet that will compliment both the architect and the landscape of your home. This coming year's trends suggest color pallets which create both light colors and dark colors over the exterior, rather than sticking to your traditional more subtle color pallets. Color pallets that are favored are a crisp white trimming against a dark gray siding, with a bold red door as a focal point. Another suggested color pallet is dark blue siding with a light gray trimming, complete this look with a vibrant lime green door. If these two suggested color pallets don't work for you, this same look can be completed by capitalizing with other colors. Choose the main color of your home's architectural pallet, then find complementary colors at the opposite end of the color wheel, rather it be a light or dark color.  


Blends Of Siding Types


Another trend that will be seen in 2018 is a slight variation of a previous trend seen in the past few years. While textures have always been a trend in home exteriors. Current trends for the upcoming year suggest emphasizing on blending different textures and styles on the exterior surface of your home. While previous trends it was likely to see textures such as bricks and stone. Upcoming trends recommend mixing complementary styles to create a unique texture. One way this can be completed is by using siding of different width blended together to create a rustic feel. Another way to emphasize different texture on the exterior of your home is by combining different styles of siding. This can be done by combining cedar shingles and shiplap in the same color. If using brick or stone, it is important to avoid using these textures as the main focus. Use brick and stone to blend with the entire exterior to blend as a dynamic look.


Continuing Trends


Many trends from 2017 will continue to be popular in 2018. A trend that will continue this coming year will be fiber cement siding. Fiber cement siding comes in a variety of colors and style that coincide with other exterior trends. Fiber cement meets homeowners needs for durability, sustainability and maintenance. It is known to be extremely durable which is made up of sand, silica, cellulose fiber, and Portland cement. It doesn’t crack, peel, fade, chip, or rot and is resistant to moisture, freeze/thaw cycles, and insect activity. Fiber cement also comes in a variety of styles such as shingles that look like cedar, architectural panels and several widths of plank siding making it easy for the exterior of your home to be both affordable and on trend.


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