5 Ways You Can Make Your Garden Beautiful and Functional

A garden is an outdoor space that should be clean and neat, but your garden shouldn’t merely be aesthetically pleasing to optimize your curb appeal. Your landscape should also be functional. Today we’re giving you five tips you can use to make your garden beautiful and available simultaneously. Continue reading if you want to create an outdoor space that you can get the most out of. 

Add Lighting to Pathways

If you don’t have the proper lighting, you won’t be able to see your beautiful outdoor features at night. Lighting can make your garden look magical, and it can illuminate your way when you’re walking around in low light conditions.

Get an electrician to put LED lights in the ground that will light up pathways or driveways so you can see where you’re walking. You want to be able to switch these lights on and off when you choose, so ensure your local electrician can provide a convenient switch for you to operate your lights.

Local electricians are skilled when it comes to adding garden lamps in between your plants and flowers. These lights can also be operated at the main switch. Garden features such as pergolas and ponds will look stunning if you add the proper lighting to them. These features will illuminate your yard and add a focal point to your outdoor space. 

  1. Build a Pond or Add a Water Feature

Ponds and water features create tranquil sounds that soothe the soul. Another benefit of water features in the garden is that they attract wildlife such as birds and bees to pollinate your flowers. Having open water in your garden improves air quality and reduces noise pollution. Build a pond and add flowers to the edges and put fish in the water. A water fountain is perfect if you want to create negative ions and to add a stunning feature to your garden.

  1. Plant Bee-Friendly Flowers

When selecting flowers to plant in your garden, pick those that are colorful and that attract bees. There are individual plants that bees are more attracted to, namely lavender, sage, thyme, and basil. Bees help plants grow, and they contribute to keeping the cycle of nature going.  

  1. Include Edibles in Your Garden

Do you want to cook with fresh herbs that you’ve grown yourself? Then why not produce a herb patch in your garden? Herbs such as dill, coriander, and basil keep your garden looking fresh, and they are incredibly healthy to eat.   

  1. Add Sun Catchers to Your Garden

Suncatchers are colorful pieces of glass or mirrors that hang on a string and reflect light from the sun when they turn. These are perfect for hanging in trees if you want to keep birds away from certain areas in your garden, like the vegetables you’re growing.

Final Thoughts

How are you creating a beautiful yet functioning garden for your home? Let us know in the comments below. We’re always happy to learn other tips from our readers.

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