6 Bedroom Decorating Ideas You Can’t Find on HGTV

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Your bedroom is one of the only spaces that is always completely yours to decorate, which is a lot easier said than done. When it comes to decorating other rooms in your house, it is easy to look up ideas and consult with other family members and friends to figure out what you want to do with your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and any other room. 

However, when it comes to your own bedroom, whether you share it or not, it is a space that can be tailored to your taste. If you want a unique bedroom but can't seem to find any ideas that are not overly basic and overused, use the following six ideas to have the ability to decorate your dream bedroom.

Start with the Basics: The Mattress

The first thing you need in your bedroom is something that people tend to not think about when thinking about decorating your bedroom, and that thing is your mattress and bed. If you already have a bed frame, finding a mattress is easier because you already know what size mattress you need. On the other hand, if you are starting fresh and do not have a bed frame already, this can be the pivotal point in your room. There are plenty of bed frames out there, like a platform bed frame, a storage bed, a sleigh bed frame, a canopy bed, a daybed, and so many others. Use your bed as your main focal point to help you decorate the rest of the room.

Once you choose your ideal bed frame, you can get a mattress delivered to your door to save you shopping time. Also, make sure you choose a mattress that caters to your sleeping needs. Once you have the basic bed needs, you can move on to selecting a comforter and pillows. At this point, you should be deciding what your color scheme is going to be and what style you are trying to accomplish.  

Bedroom Styles

Choosing a particular style or aesthetic you want in your bedroom is more important than most people think because it makes decorating the rest of the room easier. There are hundreds of different styles you can choose from, but the more popular ones tend to be easier to find ideas and décor for. For example, a popular bedroom aesthetic is the cottage style, which is basically how you would imagine a cozy room in a forest would look. 

Other popular styles include modern, minimalist, eclectic, coastal, bohemian, and contemporary. Once you find your dream bedroom aesthetic, the room automatically becomes catered to you and also becomes easier to shop for.

Incorporate Your Walls

In your bedroom, your walls are much more than just a barrier to keep other family members away. You can use walls to your advantage, and make your room even more special to you. For example, if you are trying to save a little bit of money, you can hang a tapestry above your bed as a headboard instead of investing in a more expensive headboard

Anything you could ever want to hang can go on your walls, and if you space them out correctly, it can make your bedroom look even more professionally done. If you are artistically talented, chalkboard paint may be precisely what you need to make your bedroom unique, as you can draw whatever you would like on it, like your ideas of how space looks or a simple drawing of the world. Hanging some of your décor on your walls leaves space open on the floors, allowing the room to feel more open and spacious.

Choose More Subtle Colors

When it comes to choosing a color scheme for your bedroom, it may be easy to go crazy with bright, bold, primary colors. Instead, select soothing shades and monochromatic tones, after all, you will have to be able to fall asleep in this room. Calmer colors usually include hues of blue, lavender and light purples, and green. 

You can also use browns and jewel-toned shades to get your colors to exude comfort and coziness. If you insist on using pink in your room because it is your favorite color, use toned-down versions of it. Your bedroom is entirely yours to decorate, but if you want your bedroom to give off a cozy, classy vibe instead of an exciting vibe, use toned-down versions of your favorite colors.

Less Décor is More

As stated before, bedrooms are usually intended to be cozy and simple, yet classy and sophisticated, no matter what style you are planning to go with. Your bedroom should not be a maze or an obstacle course, and you should leave space between all of your furniture pieces, regardless of how small or big your bedroom space is. 

If you find it challenging to get from one place to another in your bedroom, you are probably decorating the space wrong. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need every square foot in your bedroom to be filled, as too many decorations tend to leave a cluttered look to the eye, even if the room is freshly cleaned.

Have Enough Storage

When choosing furniture pieces, choose pieces that make storing things easier. Storing stuff out of sight allows the room to feel and appear more spacious and calm, all while still having everything at a comfortable distance away.

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