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7 Different Ways to Make Your Home Safer

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7 Different Ways to Make Your Home Safer

In the United States, an estimated 3,300 burglaries happen every day, that’s almost one burglary every 36 seconds! It certainly is a shocking number, and in some areas, the crime rates are still rising. In this article, we’ll discuss seven different ways that you can make your home safer.


Secure your windows

The windows of a home are one of the weakest spaces, and can easily be broken into by a strong individual. A simple solution to stop unwanted guests from entering is to add a long stick, such as a dowel or rod into the tracks. This way, the window won’t be able to open from the outside. For windows of a different style, you can even install a small alarm system that alerts you if it has been opened.


Install a home security system

One of the best ways to make your home much safer is to install some form of home security system. It can set off alarms, transfer data to your phone, and monitor exactly who enters your front door. Using your home alarm system is easy, but it is essential to get it set up by a professional first. 


Light up your home

No intruder likes a brightly lit home, as it can expose them and get them caught. A great tip is to install motion sensor lights around your home that are triggered by movement. While it won’t make your home completely burglar-proof, you still might be able to catch unwanted guests. You’ll also be able to get safely into your door at night without any accidents. Also, don’t forget to use solar-powered lights to save more power!


Install a hidden safe

If you have any valuables around your home, it’s vital that you get a safe to keep them protected. This way, if someone does manage to make it into your home, your most valuable items will be hidden away. There are many unique secret safe ideas, but you can also find a generic one if that’s all you need. 


Clean up your yard

A messy yard can lead to your house being more of a target, as there are more places to hide out of view. Try your best to keep your garden as clean and tidy as possible, so that any unwanted guests will be easily exposed. Even just mowing your lawn, and clipping back the bushes can make a huge difference.


Have a neighbor help you out

There are many small signs that can expose if a house is vacant or not, so if you plan on going away for a holiday, you might want to enlist the help of your neighbors. They can collect your mail for you, water the plants, and make sure that the property is maintained. This way, your home will still looked lived in and won’t be such a target. 


Install fake signage

While it might seem a bit of a stretch, fake signage can actually do an excellent job of deterring intruders away from your home. A simple “Smile you’re on camera sign” will make them think twice about trying to break in, as it isn’t worth being caught. Other great ideas include “Beware of the dog” and “24-hour security surveillance here”. 


And that’s it! This was seven different ways that can make your home safer. By even using just a few of these techniques, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you and your family are safe. Just remember to get any electrical devices installed by a professional and make sure they are maintained on a regular basis.

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