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8 Rules for Requesting Songs from Your Wedding Band

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8 Rules for Requesting Songs from Your Wedding Band

A wedding band can keep all the individuals present at the wedding, including the couple, entertained throughout. The band will keep on moving forward with the guests and cater to their entertainment needs. While enjoying the band's performances, you will come across the need to request your favourite songs from the wedding band as well. Here are some rules that you can follow to request songs from the wedding band.

Make sure that you stick to these steps and request the songs without being annoying or rude to the wedding band.

Respect the wishes of the groom and bride 

If you are a guest, you need to make sure that you respect the wishes of the groom and bride while requesting songs. You must think twice before you make a request. Then you can understand whether the song is appropriate or not. You should never ruin the beautiful day of the groom and bride by requesting an inappropriate song. In the meantime, you must also make sure that you are respecting the schedule that the bride and groom have decided for the wedding. There are reliable wedding entertainment specialists in the UK such as Engog, they specializes in creating entertainment packages that will make your special day a memorable one.

Never tell the DJ that he sucks 

You should be polite when you are interacting with the DJ. However, we often come across instances where the guests walk directly to the DJ and say that his performances suck. The DJ might be performing the tracks that the bride and groom have requested earlier. Without understanding the facts, you shouldn’t come into conclusions and blame the DJ. You should try to keep your patience throughout. Imagine what would happen when you lose your patience when the dance floor is crowded with guests. Then you will be transforming the scenery into a terrible one.

Never force the DJ to play your requests. 

When you have a song request, you should politely ask it from the DJ. However, some people don’t do this. Instead, they force the DJ to play the songs. All the people who are present at the wedding are important as you. You will not be able to force the DJ to play your requests under such an environment. Not even the bride and the groom will be able to do it at times. If you are running out of time and if your song request is too lousy, your request will be ignored. You should never get furious about it.

Request for music during the dinner time 

The best time at a wedding to request for a song is at dinner time. You need to keep this fact in your mind and approach the DJ accordingly. While the DJ is playing your requested song, you can get your spouse to the dance floor and dance to it. During dinner time, the dance floor and DJ are not busy. Hence, you can consider it as the best time of the wedding to make your requests.

Request the songs early in the evening 

Apart from requesting the songs you love to dance to at dinner time, you can think about requesting them early in the evening. Then you will be able to provide the time needed by the DJ to get ready with them. The DJ will keep your song request in mind and include that into the playlist. Then you will be able to provide your assistance to the DJ with making his life easy while fulfilling your request.

Ask for the song yourself. 

You should never get anyone else to walk up to the DJ and ask for a song. If you have a request, you should go to the DJ and ask for it on your own. This is the right method of asking for a song. Then you will be able to show your genuine interest in getting that song played.

Never threaten the DJ.

It is even possible to see guests who threaten the DJ and tell him that his ass will be kicked in the parking lot after the wedding reception is finished, just because a song request is declined. You need to take a look at the situation from the perspective of the DJ. The DJ will not refuse your song request unless there is a valid reason for it. However, you cannot expect the DJ to explain the reason to you as well. You just need to use your common sense to figure out why the request was declined and move forward accordingly.

Never flirt with the DJ.

Last but not least, you should never flirt with the DJ and request a song. Some of the women walk up to the DJ with an expanded view of cleavage and request a song. In here, you will be pre-offering sex to get a song played. This is not the right way to request a song! 

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