A Beginner's Guide to Airsoft: Everything You Need to Know

Airsoft guns are an exciting hobby for many people. People who play airsoft games usually spend a lot of time and money on their equipment, so it's essential to make sure you're getting the right gear before buying anything! In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about airsoft guns, including: -What kind of gear do I need? -How much should you spend? What type of gun should one get? These questions and more will be answered in this guide.

What is airsoft, and how does it work?

Airsoft is a sport where players aim at one another with replica firearms. The guns shoot air-powered plastic pellets, which are safe to use and not harmful in any way.

Players wear goggles to see the other player's location without being hit in the eye by an errant pellet. There are rules of engagement, including a designated "safe zone" where the guns cannot be fired.

Airsoft is more about strategy and teamwork than it is about killing one another.

The different types of guns available for purchase

If you are reading this guide, you have probably already decided that airsoft is worth looking into. To know what to look at when purchasing a gun, there are three main types of guns available for purchase:

  • AEGs (Automatic Electric Guns)
  • Gas-powered rifles
  • Spring operated pistols and shotguns

AEGs are the most popular type of gun, and for a good reason. They are realistic-looking (although there are games where AEGs cannot be used), they come with a rechargeable battery that lasts hours on end, and they shoot more rounds per second than gas-powered rifles.

A Beginner's Guide to Airsoft: Everything You Need to Know

Gas-powered rifles require regular purchases of CO² cartridges to operate them, but this is also one of their advantages because it means you never run out of ammo if you carry spare cartridges with you at all times! Spring-operated pistols and shotguns use compressed air.

Shopping for a gun is not about just picking the prettiest one. It's all about finding an airsoft pistol that fits your needs. You can't find that out unless you know what type of game to play!

A beginner's guide to playing the game

Playing the game is relatively simple and healthy; you'll only need a few things:

Your airsoft gun (or 'pistol'), which you can purchase at your local sporting goods store or online retailer.

A package of bb's that are also found in most stores and online retailers, A mask to protect yourself from the bb's being fired back by someone else. There're goggles too, but they're not as expected; some people prefer them because it protects their eyesight better than masks do.

Optional accessories include; targets for when you want to practice shooting accuracy from afar without having anyone around. You can also bring canteens if you're going to carry water instead of using the bottles made just for this purpose on guns/masks/etc. 

Extra magazines can also come in handy, so when one is empty, you can switch to the next one. Also, you can add a speed loader so if your gun is semi-auto, you don't have to spend time loading bullets into it manually.

For the real action, you'll need a field to play on. Airsoft fields are usually found in places like warehouses, parks, or abandoned buildings. You can also rent one online if you don't want to buy your property, though they're not as common right now, so do check around for availability and prices before committing fully.

Safety precautions 

Your safety is paramount. The first and foremost thing you need to do is wear a protective eyepiece. You could try wearing the goggles if designed for this, but otherwise, use glasses with special safety lenses, which can be bought at most hardware stores cheaply.

You should also always wear gloves when handling air guns because even if things go wrong, it will provide some protection for your hands from potential injury or burns.

The next step is looking after your ears. Make sure that any earmuffs you buy have high enough of an NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) on them, so anything over 20db will work just fine in preventing damage done by sound waves traveling through your eardrums into your inner ear tissues.

Lastly, the way to ensure your safety is with the proper clothing. You should always wear a long-sleeved shirt and jeans, and thick shoes that cover most of your feet like boots when you are playing airsoft to prevent any chance of injury from puncture wounds that could be caused by stray BB's hitting unprotected skin.

Keep these things in mind while shopping around for equipment, and you'll have no accidents on the field!

Common misconceptions about the sport

Airsoft is not a game. It may look like one and sound like one, but that's just the name of it. Unlike paintball with rules and teams where points are tracked to win or lose, airsoft doesn't have any specific goals, nor does it use rules to guide its gameplay. The only objective for an individual player is to shoot their opponents or prevent them from firing back. This competitive environment can be dangerous if you're unfamiliar with what risks you take when playing this sport because there are no boundaries between player and player in the field.

Another misconception about airsoft is that it's a sport for those too young to play paintball. This couldn't be more wrong because it has been around since 1980, and its original participants were adults! The rules back then allowed the use of live ammunition, so only people 18 years old or older could participate in their games.

Common games to play

A Beginner's Guide to Airsoft: Everything You Need to Know

Airsoft is fun for all ages. There are many games to play like "capture the flag," "the last man standing," and more!

  • Capture the Flag: Players split up into two teams, defending their base while the other tries to steal their flags that they've placed in different locations on a map.
  • Last Man Standing: You're either trying to eliminate an opposing force, or you have been stopped yourself, so your team has lost, and it's time for revenge! It can be done by killing off team members, but if only one person is left alive, everyone will get back up again until no one is left alive from both sides.

So, now you know a little more about the sport of airsoft and how it works. If this sounds like something that would be fun for you to try out with your friends or family, go ahead and take advantage of our beginner's guide! Remember always to use safety precautions when playing an outdoor game like airsoft.

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