An office job is not considered a privilege anymore. It relates to many health issues that are caused by sitting jobs. Among the most common issues are:

●      The pain in the back;

●      The pain in the neck;

●      Weight gain;

●      Increased risks of diseases of the cardiovascular system and diabetes;

●      Fatigue;

●      The drop in productivity.

In the long term, an office job is even associated with cancer and early death. These perspectives do not belong to the most attractive ones.

To avoid all the issues, you might opt for switching from a sitting position to a standing one. In this, standing desks are of great help.

To sum up the benefits, you can equip your home office with a standing desk, too. If you work from home, it doesn't matter whether you do it constantly or from time to time, a standing desk will help you to stay healthy.

Shall You Buy a Standing Desk or Make It?

It depends on your taste and budget whether you want to buy a standing desk or to make one. Buying a table is, probably, the most convenient option. You do a couple of clicks, and in some time, a delivery service brings your item to the door of your home.

The sit and stand desks are represented in a huge variety. A good provider will offer you to use a special tool online, a desk builder. This tool will assist you in your search. You can pick different options of frames, desktops, choose the needed shape and color. To make your choice easier, there is a price displayed for every selected variant.

A reliable company will provide you with a decent warranty period. Also, you can be confident that all the parts of your height-adjustable item will work as expected. However, the prices are not low. A good height-adjustable table might cost more than 1,000 USD. While there is no doubt that it is worth the price, not everybody can afford such items.

Some people prefer making things rather than buying them. It works also in the cases if you would want to have a specific desk. You can create your desktop based on your own design. Normally, building a height-adjustable item also costs significantly less than buying a ready solution.

How to Make a Height-Adjustable Desk

If you decide to build the item, you have two options to choose from:

●      You can build it completely on your own from separate elements;

●      You can make a desktop and install it on a ready desk lift system.

To handle the first option, you need tools, technical knowledge, and good skills. To make a lifting system, you need to buy actuators and a switch. If you want to manage your desk remotely, consider buying a set with a remote control.

When choosing actuators, make sure you pay attention to the power of the items. They shall be able to lift and support the weight of the desktop, and all the equipment that you use.

Actuators` stroke length also matters. Select the items that can lift the desktop to the needed height. Make sure they are not too long, either.

Check the noise level of the items you are going to buy. Even though most electric actuators are silent, make sure the noise level is comfortable for you before you purchase the items.

Some actuators are sold separately. Then, you need to choose a suitable switch and remote control. If you are not sure about the specifications, ask a specialist to help you with the choice.

Otherwise, you might prefer getting a set where all the elements are included. This will help you to avoid unpleasant mistakes and additional expenses.

Fix the actuators to the table legs or frame. Test if all the elements work properly. Fix them securely and install the desktop. Test everything once more. Hide the wiring. Install the switch if you haven't done it yet. Now, your new height-adjustable desk is ready to be used.

Another option is to get a ready lifting system. You can choose your favorite desktop or make one based on your design. This is a good opportunity to get a desk in a specific color or of a specific shape. Install the desktop on the lifting system and test how the entire set works. If everything works smoothly, tighten the screws, and use your standing item.

How to Use Your Standing Desk Correctly

Some people insist that using a height-adjustable or a standing desk is not easy. They are right to some extent. It is difficult to switch immediately from working in a sitting position to working in a standing position. If you are used to sitting, and then, are trying to switch to standing, you might end up with the feeling of tiredness, pain in the feet, the back, and the general discomfort.

That`s why there are special recommendations on how to switch from working at a normal desk to working at a height-adjustable desk. One of them is to do it gradually. Another tip is to buy ergonomic equipment such as a keyboard, a mouse, and similar. And to ensure the top-level comfort for your feet, an ergonomic carpet is needed.

As you can see, a height-adjustable desk will bring some more expenses. But in the very end, this solution will move your work experience to a completely new level.

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