Pure gold, k gold, gild, gold-plated jewelry are not all full gold, the difference is too big, do not know how to be fooled!

Nowadays, the gold jewelry, on the market is also different kinds of, not only 24K gold but also a lot of craft alloys. These are all called gold, but they are not completely gold. The difference is very big. The current jewelry on the market is: pure gold, K gold, gold, gold plating, etc., the gold of different materials, the gold content is also different. Only the gold content of pure gold is above 99%, and the rest are alloy jewelry, with very poor purity. These golds will be confused and need to be carefully identified.

  Today we will learn about the distinction between pure gold, K gold, gild and gold-plated jewelry, and easy-to-learn identification methods.

Different gold's identification method

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First, pure gold jewelry getnamenecklace.com/

  The appearance is golden yellow, the luster is bright but the texture of gold is soft, the gold is soft and has a strong ductility. The mark of gold is G990, AU990, 999 or full gold, but the imprint cannot be used as a standard for identifying gold, but only one of them.


Gold identification method:

  If there are certain gold jewelry that can be compared together, the color of gold is still quite obvious. The purity of gold is also clearer in color. If it is not sensitive to color, it can also be used for weight. The density of gold is relatively high, so it is heavy, and the amount of hand rubbing has a feeling of falling. The hardness of the gold jewelry is about 2.5, and the hardness of the nails on our hands is only more ductile. The nails can be used to draw fine marks. When identifying, you may try to test it.


Second, K gold jewelry (yellow K gold)

  The color of K gold is also very rich. The color of K gold and the color of pure gold look differently. The K gold jewelry does not only contain gold, but also the alloy of silver and copper, so it looks slightly lighter. However, it is necessary to compare with gold. According to the ratio of gold content, it is also possible to manufacture K gold such as 22K, 18K, 14K, etc., especially European jewelry is mainly 14K and 10K.

Different gold's identification method

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K gold identification method:

  Look at the mark of K gold jewelry: AU750, AU585, AU375, and other imprints, and some imprints are: 22K, 18K, 14K, etc., plus the manufacturer will also bear the imprint. The hardness of K-gold jewelry is far greater than that of gold jewelry. The hardness is above 3.5. The nails are not scratched at all. The K-gold jewelry without imprint is still purchased with caution.


  K gold also has rose gold, white gold, black and so on. Among them, K white gold is easy to be confused with platinum. By careful identification, it can be seen that the color of K white gold is slightly yellowish-white, the gloss is not bright in platinum, and some are black. The rest of the rose gold and black gold are easily confused with non-gold metal. Therefore, in the identification of K gold jewelry imprint is only a reference factor, the most important thing is to send to a third-party identification agency to use a machine to verify the gold content of K gold jewelry, only to reach 75% can be identified as K gold jewelry, K-gold jewelry is easily confused with gold-plated and gild jewelry, so machine identification is more effective.


Third, gold-plated getnamenecklace.com

  Many gold-plated jewels are made of copper. The surface of the copper is plated with a layer of gold, but the gold plating is very thin. Therefore, such gold-plated jewelry is different when viewed carefully, although the gloss is bright and soft, it is not durable, if you wear it for a while, the gold layer will be worn away, then the brass tire will be exposed, resulting in a dimly different red-yellow color, and the color of the gold-plated worn area will be black.


Gold plating identification method:

  Because it is gold-plated, there will be traces of gold that have not been completely plated. It is usually possible to find such marks at the joints of the jewelry or in the depressions of the corners, leaving a place where gold is not plated. Because the gold-plated jewelry is a blank of copper or other metal, the weight of enamel is very light, there is no gold feel if there is a crisp "beat" sound. Generally, there is no imprint, if there is a mark of 18KGP.


Fourth, gold jewelry

  Gild jewelry is actually better understood, wrapped in a layer of pure gold in copper or silver jewelry, and then processed into a variety of jewelry. Don't think that gold foil is very valuable. In fact, the gold foil is very cheap, because one gram of pure gold can be hammered into 9.6 square meters of gold foil, the press of gold jewelry is generally good which not easy to open.


The method of identification of gold-coated jewelry:

 The gold- coated jewelry is thicker than gold-plated jewelry and looks similar to gold jewelry. It usually has an 18KF mark on the inside of the jewelry. Gold jewelry feels not as heavy as gold, no feeling of falling hands, gold jewelry will still have some traces in the production, if you feel the corner of the gold jewelry is not right then you still need to pay attention. The appearance of gold foil has more closely resembled than gold jewelry because it is beaten, and the real gold foil will be green under the light.


  In short, the most important difference between pure gold is that there is a feeling of falling in the hand. The best way to identify a piece of jewelry is to take a third-party inspection, many cities now have such an appraisal agency, and the appraisal fee is not high, machine identification will not damage the composition of gold jewelry which is more safe and reliable.


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