Does Basement Waterproofing Increase Home Value?

Who doesn't like a comfortable home? A home keeps you warm in all weather conditions and is sturdy against all breaks and infrastructural issues. So how annoying is it when you have guests over, and instead of talking to you, they are constantly staring at the water leakage that has ruined the wallpaper, eagerly trying to hide it?

Water damage is of significant concern to homeowners as well as people who are looking to buy. Basements are specifically more susceptible to leakage, which may worsen in summers are the frozen soil thaws. Leakage presents the potential for structural damage and may even acquire mold if left untreated. Once a basement starts showing signs of leakage, you need to act fast! Chances are, it may only worsen.

Why is waterproofing your basement a good idea?

Are you deciding if you should go for a waterproof basement or not? Let me tell you; it is a brilliant idea. There are many benefits of waterproofing your basement. The best reason is to prevent water damage. While considering home improvements, often, people put too much focus on the monetary or resale value. We often forget that a home is primarily to live in, and therefore the comfort of those living in it is of utmost priority. While cost is essential, one's comfort comes first.

Imagine coming back home from a tiring day at work only to find new water leakage marks in the basement. You deserve a break after work and should not be worrying about all this. A waterproof basement improves the quality of your life so that you are at ease and do not have to stress about cleaning up the place after a flood. A waterproof basement also helps with maintaining good air quality indoors and makes the air breathable.

Use extra space to do something fun!

Many people like to use extra space to do something fun! Some people like converting it into a bedroom and put it up for rent; others use it as a gym or even a jamming room. You can even transform it into a kid's play area or a home theatre. All of this is possible once you waterproof the basement and make it a place worth spending time at.

Let's talk business!

Experts believe that a waterproof basement can increase the value of your home by a significant amount. You may even make a profit from it. A basement with waterproofing qualifies as a convenient space and can be counted as an extra room and marketed as such for anyone looking to buy.

Many people looking to move with their families prefer houses with a waterproofed basement to allow them the liberty to use it as they please. A waterproof basement can turn out to be a key attraction in your house and can significantly increase the price of sale.

Many people will overlook the value that a basement can add since most people view it as a space used to store unnecessary things. Do not be like them- be proactive and increase the value of your house now!

No one wants a house damaged with water.

When negotiating a price for your home, you will realize that people always deduct the cost of additional work that needs to be done on the house from the stated price. You do not want to be on that side. If you do not waterproof your basement, you may want to put your house on sale at a lesser price, and if your home is damaged by water, you may find it hard to sell it at all. It can be seen through real estate statistics that leakage of water and fungal growth can reduce the property value by up to 20 to 25%.

The answer to your prayers!

Many well-known contractors specialize in dealing with crawl spaces, foundations, and waterproofing basements in Maryland. They not only provide an accurate quote for the work but also do their job professionally. So if you are interested in getting your basement waterproofed, you can reach out to these companies like Oriole.

Double guessing?

Water that seeps through the ground deteriorates a home's foundation. In addition, leaking walls lead to cracks over time which may get infested with molds and moss. This may compromise the health of your family and children. By waterproofing the basement, you will safeguard your family and present an attractive incentive to an investor looking for a house with a strong foundation.

You can also save money by waterproofing your basement! The cracks that are formed due to water leakage may let outside heat or cold seep through indoors. This may lead to the overuse of air conditioners or heaters to maintain desired indoor temperatures. This is not only heavy on the pocket but also is exceptionally unfriendly for the environment. A waterproofed basement acts as an insulator preventing unnecessary waste of energy. Waterproofing the basement can make your house much more energy-efficient!

Invest in something long-term!

By deciding not to waterproof your basement, for all you know, you may end up paying more in repairs over the years than you would for a one-time waterproofing job. Waterproofing will save you from countless maintenance from time to time and will make your basement more presentable to buyers. By investing in waterproofing today, you will be making a long-term investment in your house for your family's health.

Imagine yourself in the shoes of a buyer. How disgusted would you be to look at mold growing in the basement and seeing puddles of water on the basement floor? Even the thought of it gives you a weird feeling. You will most likely not buy a place with such problems and will want to negotiate the price down. You will have a chance to sell your house at a higher price if you waterproof it. While waterproofing a basement may be an expensive initial investment, think of it as what it is- an investment. This investment will reap great benefits in the long term!

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