Event Planning is one of the stressful but the most fulfilling things to do. Professionals and amateurs alike will feel the same sense of accomplishment when everything falls into place (although most often than not things don’t go as planned). If you are looking to make a career in organizing events there are a lot of things you’ll have to take into account. Just like any business, you’d want to be efficient to reduce unnecessary costs without compromising the outcome of the event. Here are some tips to help you oversee and manage every aspect of the event from concept to its wrap-up:

  1. Set Goals and Budget

This part requires you to talk to your clients or if you’re doing the event for yourself, you’ll need to set your objectives. You can be planning for a fund-raising event, an official corporate affair, a wedding celebration, etc. You will need to identify what you want to achieve or what the client wants to get from the occasion.



The goals are tied closely to the budget so it’s advisable to be open about it. You’re going to have everything laid out and clearly explain to your client every item that is required for the event. You will also have to listen to their side as every event has its own unique twist. Once you’ve established the budget, you’re going to adjust your operational requirements so as to fit the budget and their goals.

  1. Agreement

After you’ve agreed with your client’s goals and budget, it’s paramount that you put everything on paper and have it signed by you and the other party. Also, the items must be clearly explained and discussed to prevent misunderstandings and conflicts when the project goes into full swing.

  1. The Venue

It is important that you have the right location for the event. This part right here is largely the client’s choice, but you can always suggest suitable locations as part of your role as the planner. You need to have a shortlist of venues where the location and amenities can hold a variety of events. It is not surprising that the Oklahoma wedding event center has witnessed and held memorable family events and unions because of its amenities and breath-taking scenery that’ll surely match the intimate mood of family events. If you’re organizing for a wedding or any family-oriented event that requires a vast space at the same time providing great privacy and a spectacular atmosphere then you can’t go wrong with renowned event centers. 

  1. Your Partners

Your partners are your suppliers for the event. They are invaluable, if not the most important, part of your planning. You must be able to coordinate with them regarding your requirements and schedules. You will also need to have more than one supplier in case one is not available. It is important that you settle the rates with your partners before you quote your client for your service. This is a critical part of the job since you’ll be meeting the demands of two parties, hence effective negotiation skills come in play.


Make sure you communicate well with your suppliers and artists about the details of the event. Give them a clear list of what you need and the schedule of the program. If you’re taking in a new supplier, it is advisable that you draft a contract with them and institute penalties for cancellation or unwarranted changes. This may not prevent it but it’ll be something that discourages it from happening.

  1. Schedule Everything

Depending on the scale of the event, you’re going to need adequate time to prepare everything, that is why you’ll need to schedule every activity leading up to the "day". Make sure you scheduled your partners and clients with tasks that require their participation. Do this way ahead of time so that you’ll have ample time to make adjustments when you have to. If you’re planning a wedding or any event that requires a photo-op for publication or advertisements, make sure you give enough time for the photographers and the marketing team to deliver their output before the event. An example is a pre-nuptial photo-op, it is recommended to have the shoot at least 3-4 weeks before the wedding. This will allow your artists to work on the shots and deliver a beautiful prelude to the coming nuptials. 

  1. Organize Your Team



Your team is composed of the people that you work directly with. It’s highly probable that you’re going to need some assistance on the day of the event as much as before it. Specify their tasks and give them clear assignments. Their assignments start way before the guests arrive and end when things are already tidied up in the event. You can use short-distance radio communicators to talk to your team and be kept updated for any developments. Allocate people at different aspects of the party like food and drinks, entertainment, guest monitoring, and technical equipment. Also, make a contingency plan in case things happen that are out of your control like bad weather, traffic or technical malfunction. This will help you mitigate backlash and other unfavorable consequences.

  1. Feedback

Ask for feedback from your clients or guests. It is important to take any feedback to help you improve your service. Make sure to be clear and definitive in your questions so in order to help you identify the things that are working for you and those that need to re-considered. You can also ask them for a video or a written testimonial if they’re happy with your service, which you can put into your website. You can also ask for photos and other media which you can keep in your portfolio. If you can gather enough testimonials you’d gain more credibility and so will your prospects.


There are still a lot of details to consider, the list above will help you get into the right mindset when you’re planning and organizing an event. Being a planner is important because you will be largely responsible for the success of a person’s or persons’ memorable occasion. It’s also important that you deliver a good performance because this industry relies so much on the satisfaction of previous clients. One catastrophic event could significantly set you back to growing your business. But for every successful event, you will gain a grateful friend and innumerable future potential prospects.


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