As routing daily work, washing hair is able to protect our hair from dirty and oily, but if your hair now is in a situation of thinning or even loss, you do need to know more about how to treat your hair during washing to stop the terrible process. From the beginning option in shampoo to the drying machine, here we consulted with the pros to find out exactly how to take washing hair game to the next level. Here, the best tips for silk, shiny, beautiful hair.


Step 1: Brush Your Hair First (NO MORE COMBS)

Use brush or comb before washing? It seems nonsense question and step, but it depends on the effect of preparation. Owing to the sensitive scalp, your hair can’t hold any press and drag from combs, but the dot foot brush with wide bristles is not only leaving tangles and knots away but also in a subtle way to massage the scalp. Brushing hair could free your hair from tangles instead of dragging your hair in a wet situation and remove some dandruff in a gentle way.


If you want to have such a brush for free, you are lucky one if you just ordered hair items from LilyHair, the free gift we send now is definitely luxury brush which is super suitable for thinning hair or hair loss girls.


Step 2: Keep Water Warm But Never Hot

" The hot water would destroy your hair cuticle in an irreversible way, we suggest the temp from 87.8℉ to 100.4℉ would be ideal for hair." Said our hair expert Vivian. In other words, exposing your hand to the water is safe way before you put your head under the steamy shower, when you feel the water a little bit hot but still acceptable, you are free to wash hair now.

Step 3: Choose the Correct Shampoo that Fits Your Hair Type

How to choose your shampoo? It depends on the acidity of your hair. The reason why your hair is dry and lifeless or oily is the break balance of acidity in your scalp. According to the last study in Harvard University, normal scalp pH is weakly acidic between 4.5 and 6.5, but oily scalp can reach an amazing pH of 3 to 4.5, which is acidic. The dry scalp has a PH of 8 to 9, which is weakly alkaline and neutral skin PH value is around 5.6, which is also weakly acidic. In summary, the more oily skin, the lower the PH value, showing a trend of acidity; on the contrary, the more dry the skin, the higher the PH value, the more alkaline.


It is much easier to choose correct shampoo when you have an idea in the acidity of your hair, routing shampoo would show its acidity and function over labels, and you could purchase one according to your own situation.


[Reminder: Never Pour Shampoo Directly to Your Hair]


You need to pour suitable shampoo to your hand and fix water into it, then rub it until having a bubble here.


Step 4: Massage Your Scalp and Roots of Hair Gently (5 Min Each Time)


Treating your hair like your new iPhone, moving your fingers on the scalp gently and patiently could totally relax your hair and recover from daily damage. During this step, you need to notice if the bubble is gone or not, sometimes we need to use shampoo again if the bubble missed it the first time.


The last time is another point you need to pay attention to. Normally, we suggest you have 5 min each time, longer or shorter would not reach the effect we suppose to.


Step 5: Always Apply Conditioner (5-7 Min)

Applying your conditioner from the middle down to the end of your hair, conditioner is never supposed to be applied to the root of a hair or even scalp. While the product is still in your hair, use a comb to detangle. You can leave the conditioner in and wrap your hair in a towel for five to seven minutes.


Step 6: Dry Hair with Towel or Dryer

"Soft and dry towel would enough to dry hair in summer," said our expert team, "you could use a towel to dry hair until no more drops then wait to air dry." When you are in a hurry or winter, you could use the towel first, then use a dryer to accelerate the process. The heat of dryer would destroy your hair cuticle, we hope you could apply some rose oil or coconut oil each time after using a dryer.


Losing a few hairs per day is normal. It’s a part of the normal hair growth cycle and for the most part, it’s relatively unnoticeable. However, the hair loss caused by the gene cannot be stopped even if you take care of it enough. Luckily, HairBro prepares plan B for you. If you do not want anybody to notice your hair loss situation, then you should address it sooner rather than later. Going from sparse hair to a full head overnight is just like you are telling people that you are wearing something. There are a lot of people are hesitant about wearing a hair system, because some people hold the point that ‘bald is beautiful’, ‘confidence is the key point’, or even ‘you should love who you are’. However, in a world where people make a lot of judgments about you based on your appearance, looking your best is quite important. Wearing a hair system should be as common as putting on make-up.

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