Hawaii is a visually stunning destination found in America that is perfect for a honeymoon. With a visit to Hawaii, you will be guaranteed to have a unique experience based on the thrilling water games, their diverse culture, and the quaint towns. There are five Hawaiian Islands that both of you can choose from, each having its unique attractions, personality, and equipped with honeymoon resorts. The beaches are gorgeous and have white-capped waves that attract surfers, and the islands are laid back and chill; therefore, you can relax with your spouse during that honeymoon period. 

Here are the best destinations that you will find on Lanai, Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Hawaii Islands. When planning for the honeymoon, it would be advisable to try out these destinations.

1. Maui Ocean Center

At the center, both of you can have a close view of everything that lies beneath the surface of the ocean, then learn about the ecosystem and unique marine life in Hawaii. This aquarium is a huge living reef that is home to thousands of fish species and 40 pacific coral reefs. Well, given the breathtaking view of aquatic life, holiday experts would advise you to read more here on places to stay given that you would want an ideal place to spend with your better half. Besides, the aquarium will offer you the chance to walk through the underwater tunnel that is surrounded by stingrays, sharks and various other aquatic life.

2. Molokini Crater in Maui

Magnificent Places in Hawaii To Visit During Your Honeymoon


The crater is a volcanic cone that is a few miles from the shores of Maui and provides honeymooners with an opportunity for a snorkelling adventure. Both of you will have a sight of marine animals, the numerous tropical fish and the flourishing coral reefs. In case one of you is afraid of water, then they can join the glass bottom tour of the boat and view the brilliant underwater world.

3. Mauna Kea

This is the tallest mountain in Hawaii that is located on Hawaii island. You can only reach the peak with a 4-wheel drive vehicle and if you visit the mountain during the winter, you will find the place cold and snowy. Mauna Kea is open to tourists during the day, and it would be advisable to be in the company of an expert hiker. Both of you will enjoy the evening stargazing, which is held at the visitor’s sector and sits at 9200 feet.

4. Makena Beach Park in Maui

Well, in case both of you seek a place where you can view the sunset, both of you can do that on the soft and silky sands of Makena beach. The sunsets at the beach are renowned for being glorious, and the beach is separated into two areas; the little beach and the big beach. The big beach boasts of cerulean hued waters that are perfect for bodyboarding and body surfing; therefore, you can have an awesome time with your partner. Given that there are little reefs on the beach, the sandy bottoms illuminate through the water, creating a breathtaking spectacle. You will also encounter drum circles, professional fire dancers and nude sunbathers on the beach.

5. Hana Road

The spectacular road stretches for over 52 miles on the island of Maui, and it winds from Paia to lush forests then proceeds to a remote town called Hana. Having the trip as newlyweds would be worthwhile given the sights along the way, all the fun activities that you will have when driving and the town visit. Some attractions along the road include waterfalls, hiking trails, beaches and scenic overlooks. The location of Hana allows it to maintain the traditional Hawaiian culture compared to other towns.

6. Hanauma Nature Reserve

Magnificent Places in Hawaii To Visit During Your Honeymoon


The reserve is formed in the crater of a volcano in Oahu island. The bay is protected and popular among honeymooners although it was previously polluted. Restoration efforts have been put in place, and the bay has regained its original splendor, and it is an ideal spot for lovers. You can always learn more about the bay at Hanauma educational center and expect to view the breathtaking reef system up close.

7. Polynesian Cultural Center

The cultural center is located in Oahu and is rich in craft demonstrations, music, dance and games. The center portrays the daily life and culture of the Polynesians in Hawaii, Fiji, Samoa, Tonga and the Maoris in New Zealand. There are separate sections that display the rich culture of these locations, and most of the performers originate from the islands that they originate; thus, the display provides couples with authentic performance. During the day, you can tour the facility, then have a show in the evening.

8. Hamakua Heritage Corridor

The corridor that is along the Hamakua coast runs from Waipio valley outlook to Hio on the Hawaii island. The corridor has spectacular views of the lush landscape, the coast, and several attractions along the way that makes it an ideal destination for lovers who are thrilled by excursions. On your way down the corridor, you will have a view of the Hawaii tropical garden that houses over 2000 tropical plant species. Besides, there are other attractions along the way, such as the Akaka Falls, Kahuna Falls and the Botanical gardens where you will have a view of the Umauma triple waterfall and Mauna Kea.

9. Waimea State Park

The canyon is located on the western part of Kauai island stretching for over 10 miles and has a depth of 3600 feet. Both of you can view the breathtaking spectacle from two take out, Puu Hina Hina and Puu ka Pele. The landscape has rock strata that have various colors along with several stunning waterfalls.  It would be ideal if you had a guided tour along the challenging hiking trails.

Your honeymoon is a once in a lifetime experience that will remain glued to your minds in eternity. You want to make the experience memorable, and what better way than to visit the above destinations in Hawaii. Each destination has a distinct vibe and character, given the numerous activities that you can perform. It's time you had fun with your partner!



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