Mistakes To Avoid During the Addiction Recovery Process

Admitting that you have a drug or alcohol addiction is one of the hardest things you will do in life. But once you finally acknowledge that you have a problem, you are on your way to recovery and healing. It’s essential to find a substance abuse recovery center to help you overcome your issues. And if you and your life partner share an addiction, considering couples rehab is a great option. Getting treatment together can help you and your partner break the chains of addiction and get your lives back on track.

Once you have completed your substance abuse recovery program, you will have to learn how to deal with real-world problems without resorting to last crutches. Staying healthy and remembering what you learned during your time in rehab is crucial when trying to prevent a relapse. The following are some common mistakes you need to avoid when trying to stay sober.

Thinking You Have To Fight Addiction Alone

Asking for help is the hardest thing an addict has to do. People recovering from a substance abuse addiction can often feel isolated and can suffer as a result. Once you have completed a drug rehabilitation program, you will need to rely on the people around you for support. Thinking that you have to do it alone can lead to a relapse. That’s why it’s essential to surround yourself with people you feel comfortable talking to about your struggles.

Addiction treatment professionals generally recommend a recovering addict find a sponsor they can talk to when they desire to use drugs or alcohol arises. These sponsors are usually former addicts, which means they can relate to what a newly sober person is going through. Having someone you can call during your times of need can help you refocus your efforts and avoid temptation.

Don’t Expect Instant Forgiveness.

Only 10% of the addicts in America seek out treatment for their problems. That means millions of people are struggling with addiction and are not getting the professional help they need. Once you have finally had enough of being an addict, you will have to enter a treatment program. Part of the treatment process includes encouraging you to acknowledge the damage you may have done during your addiction. Often, as part of your recovery, you will need to try and make amends with the people you have hurt.

The friends and family members of drug addicts are usually affected by their addiction to dangerous substances. Suppose you have been an addict for many years. Chances are, you have created a lot of turmoil in the lives of the people who love you. You need to realize that just because you apologize for these actions, those people may not be able to offer their forgiveness immediately.

Rather than feeling hurt or betrayed when a friend or family member is hesitant to offer forgiveness, remember that just as you need time to overcome your addiction, they may need time to process everything that has happened as well. The best way to show these people you have changed is by staying sober and getting your life back on track.

Avoid People Who Aren’t Sober.

Some recovering addicts believe they have the willpower to hang out with the same groups of friends they had during their addiction. These could be people who are still using drugs and alcohol. If you are newly sober, the chances of a relapse are incredibly high in these situations. The chances of slipping back into your old habits can grow if you put yourself in cases involving drugs and alcohol. This is why it’s crucial to find a new group of friends who are focused on supporting you in your sobriety.

Staying Sober Isn’t Easy.

As you can see, many mistakes can derail your attempts to stay sober. By avoiding these mistakes, you have a better chance of remaining sober for life. 

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