Must-have Cleaning Products And Appliances To Properly Deep Clean Your House

Cleaning has become an integral part of most people's lives throughout the past year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In an attempt to keep the germs out and reduce the risk of infection, more and more people are now cleaning and disinfecting their homes daily. But, while regular cleaning will keep your living quarters fresh and tidy, you still need to deep-clean your house at least twice a year to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria. To help make this process easier for you, here's a list of cleaning products and appliances you'll need to keep your home spick and span.

Microfiber Cloths

Whether you're cleaning the kitchen, the bathroom, or the kids' room, microfiber cloths will allow you to clean pretty much all surfaces, including stainless steel, wood, marble, and glass, without leaving behind any streaks or scratches. Not only are they highly versatile, but they also require little to no water to remove dirt and dust. Unlike most cotton cloths, they absorb all dust particles instead of just moving them around, making deep cleaning a breeze. In addition, you can use them to clean your furniture, stainless-steel appliances, mirrors, television, laptop, and countertops.

A Versatile Vacuum Cleaner

A versatile vacuum cleaner is essential regardless of the kind of flooring you have. If you don't have space or budget for an upright model, you can go for one of the handhelds or robotic options available on the market. However, we highly recommend springing for a heavy-duty model that comes with adjustable speed and power settings as well as detachable attachments for carpets, upholstery, and pet fur - if you have any. If you browse through Malaysia's best vacuum cleaners, you'll find that the ones fitted with HEPA filters are all the rage right now. While these models come at a higher price, they effectively remove allergy-triggering particles from carpets and furniture, making them a worthy investment.

An All-purpose Cleaner and Rubber Gloves

A multi-surface all-purpose cleaner is one of the essential cleaning products to have in your caddy. Not only does it eliminate the need to purchase several cleaning products, but if you choose a good brand, you'll be able to remove stubborn stains, dirt, or grease with minimal effort. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that many of these products contain highly concentrated chemicals that can hurt your skin, so be sure to wear rubber gloves and read the directions on the label before using them. Whether you're scrubbing the bathtub or doing the dishes, a reusable pair of rubber gloves will keep your hands soft and protected from harsh cleaning agents.

A Squeegee and a Couple of Sponges

A squeegee will come in handy when deep cleaning your bathroom; you can use it to remove the built-up soap scum from the tiles, clean your windows and shower cabinet, and keep your bathroom mold- and mildew-free. You'll also need a couple of sponges, especially those with an abrasive side, to effectively scrub out grimy and dirty surfaces. Finally, a two-sided sponge will allow you to scrub and scour any surface without purchasing additional tools.

A Scrub Brush and a Bucket

As handy as it is, your sponge isn't always going to cut it, so keep a heavy-duty scrub brush on hand to use on the stubborn stains on your bathtub, tiles, and fixtures. Choose one that has an ergonomic handle for a firm grip and extra scrubbing power. If you need something more precise to reach those tight corners, you can use an old toothbrush - after disinfecting it, of course! You'll also need a nice-sized bucket when scrubbing or mopping the floors. When you're done using it, you can use it as a caddy to store your cleaning supplies and carry them from one room to another.

Must-have Cleaning Products And Appliances To Properly Deep Clean Your House

When deep cleaning your home, having the right supplies can make all the difference - both in terms of utility and convenience. So, before rolling up your sleeves and tackling those nooks and crannies, make sure you have these items in your cleaning arsenal. To make the process easier, clear away the clutter and establish a game plan for which rooms you will clean first. Remember, deep cleaning is a marathon, not a sprint, so feel free to split up the tasks over as many days as you need. If you prefer to make your homemade cleaning solutions, make sure to do your research to learn about the most effective natural ingredients you can use. Though, it's important to note that natural cleaning products might not work as well as their chemical-based counterparts when it comes to killing viruses and bacteria.

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