The Advantages of Storage Facilities

Self-Storage Tips and Tricks

Storage facilities represent separate premises with an area ranging from 1 to 30 m2, in which optimal climatic conditions are created. The constant temperature regime is maintained at 15-18 °C, with the humidity level being 60%. Under such conditions, even rare antiques can be perfectly preserved.

Main Characteristics

All storage boxes are isolated from each other (although they have common walls), and they have a separate entrance. They are also equipped with electronic code devices and classic hinges for padlocks. Customers can leave their personal things there around the clock without any restrictions, which is definitely a plus if you have a 9-to-5 job.

The area where storage facilities are located is under round-the-clock security. The premises are equipped with lighting and a video surveillance system. All these things can guarantee the safety of property left in the storage.

Such personal storage units represent a modern and comfortable solution for:

  • gardeners (they can store there their inventory);
  • athletes (who have such seasonal things as bicycles, skates, inflatable boats, helmets, snowboards, skis, various sports equipment);
  • fishermen (who possess fishing rods, fishing tackle);
  • Car enthusiasts (they can store everything that usually clutters balconies - seasonal tires, wheels, spare parts etc.);
  • Specialists engaged in construction work (boxes, electrical appliances, tools);
  • Apartments and office premises in which repairs are being carried out (all furnishings, utensils, documents).

In your personal storage facility, you can store both large items and various small items. The main thing is that you do not have any prohibited items there, which is something we are going to talk about later in this article.

What is Allowed to Store in a Self-Storage Unit?

All household items, house furnishings, office furniture and appliances are accepted for storage:

  • Sofas, beds, cupboards, tables and chairs;
  • Washing machines, gas stoves, refrigerators;
  • TVs, laptops, computers;
  • Construction Materials;
  • Shoes, clothes, suitcases;
  • Books, games, toys, baby carriages;
  • Mirrors, chandeliers, dishes;
  • Bed linen, blankets and blankets;
  • Goods for online stores.

You can keep pretty much anything that you would otherwise keep in your own apartment or perhaps the garage. However, there are some limitations. It is forbidden to keep the following items in the storage facility:

  • Guns and other weapons;
  • Toxic, explosive and flammable substances;
  • Food and alcohol;
  • Medications;
  • Pets, fish, birds, reptiles.

The Advantages of Having a Storage Facility

By renting a storage unit, you get the opportunity to clear your apartment, balcony, pantry, summer cottages from various seasonal things.

In addition, you also get to choose the lock code as well as the rental period meaning that you can rent it for several days, weeks, months or even years if you choose to.

At any time, you can change the storage facility to another one, which would be smaller or larger in size to better suit your current needs.

We hope you have now understood all the advantages of having a personal storage unit. If so, you may want to check out self storage company provider in Toronto, North York and get your own self-storage facility.

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