We all know somebody with a sweet tooth. Who knows, that person might even be you! Either way, chocolate is perhaps the greatest culinary invention of all time when it comes to variety and sheer sugar-coated inelegance. But no matter how decadent and divine those chocolate truffles might be or how well-crafted the Easter egg, chocolate is rarely a gift that can be given alone. Rather, it is the perfect supplemental gift. So, with Easter on the horizon, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the perfect gifts that pair perfectly with a chocolate surprise.


Flowers - Another bonafide classic when it comes to gifting, flowers have been used as gifts for friends and loved ones to show appreciation and affection for hundreds of years. They are also generally inexpensive and are varied enough that no matter who the gift is for, there will be flowers to suit their personality. In all of these regards (and so many more) flowers are an ideal parallel gift to chocolate.


Smellies - If your ‘target’ has something of an affinity for delightful whiffs then they will probably appreciate something nice and smelly. Sticking with the chocolate gift theme, you could consider indulging them in a chocolate-scented bath bomb or maybe a fragrant candle? Or perhaps go another direction and opt for a smelly gift that attempts to recreate the smell of something that goes well with chocolate - cinnamon or honey, perhaps. One of the main reasons chocolate has proven so enduringly popular is that it smells wonderful so don’t be afraid to milk that to your advantage.


Chocolate clobber - If they really love chocolate that much then why not allow them to show off their love affair with the cocoa bean to the world. From a computer mouse shaped like a bar of chocolate to pencil cases, soaps and even chocolate jigsaw puzzles, there is no end to the chocolate-themed gifts available.


Chocolate flavored oddness - From scorpions dipped in chocolate to chocolate tasting kits and even spicy chili peppers infused with the good stuff, there are literally hundreds of options if you’re willing to explore the fringes of the internet. If the gift is for that special someone in your life, you might even opt for some chocolate body spread. Thought be sure to wax first!


Something a little different - Of course, you could even go a step further and mix up the kind of chocolate you’re gifting. Perhaps you could invest in a chocolate fondue fountain complete with dipping kit or maybe try to tease your loved one over to the ‘light side’ with a tasting pack of vegan chocolate (it’s not all terrible).


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