5 Tips and Tricks for Replacing Your Samsung Refrigerator Filter

To replace a refrigerator, it can cost anywhere from nine hundred to several thousand dollars

That's, of course, a massive chunk out of anyone's emergency fund. 

Here's a better idea: every few months, take 30 minutes on a Saturday afternoon to replace your Samsung refrigerator filter.

We'll show you the process is not only simple but also cost-effective.

1. Find Your Model

First, figure out which Samsung refrigerator filter replacement you need for your model. Samsung has a selection of water filters for you to choose from. 

On this site, once you've arrived in the accessories section, click on "See All Specs" above the Review section. That will give you a full lay of the land. Samsung undoubtedly produces one of the best refrigerator water filter systems. 

2. Stop the Water

One thing's for sure; you don't want to do this job without turning off the water that runs to the refrigerator filter.

Most people will instinctively turn off the supply to the whole house. However, this is an unnecessary move; there's a valve specifically for the refrigerator water filter system.

Then, you can pull your refrigerator forward for full access to the back to locate the valve. Some are covered by a plastic or metal covering. Unscrew the covering to reveal the valve. 

Alternatively, you can avoid pulling your entire fridge away from the wall. Instead, you can turn it off with the cold water valve located under the sink.

3. Clear the Pipes 

Once you've turned off the water supply, please grab a cup, put it in the water dispenser, and let it run until there's nothing left. This will prevent a mess when you go to take the water filter out. 

4. Replace the Filter

Most filters come with directions on the packaging. But, here are some additional steps that may improve upon them. 

First, find your filter housing case. Then, remove the old filter by turning counterclockwise while gently pulling. Put the new filter in place by twisting clockwise until it stops.

Finally, run a gallon of water through to flush the system through the new filter.

5. Reset Your Icon 

Congratulations! You've successfully changed your water filter. Now, it's time to remove that pesky indicator light. 

Depending on the model, there will be a Samsung refrigerator filter reset button in one of three places: 

  1. The front control panel
  2. Behind the ice maker
  3. The background of the filter

Press and hold the reset button for three seconds to turn off the "change filter" light. 

If your model doesn't have the reset button, look for the "ice type" and "child lock" buttons on the control panel.

The panel is on the bottom right-hand side (within the refrigerator) or the front of the fridge (above the dispenser).

Consider a New Samsung Refrigerator Filter

As you can see, changing your Samsung refrigerator filter is not only necessary but straightforward. With these five steps, you can enjoy clean, fresh water in no time!

To continue receiving instructions and help with your Samsung appliances, come back and check out our blog. We're always making updates and improvements with you in mind.

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