Having a conservatory is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and the indoors of your home. It is usually a unique extension of either side. It has many uses among them; you can have delicate plans that you love in there. You can also use your conservatory to host a few people for brunch on a hot summer, and it would be a great view. Decorating a sunroom can prove to be a little difficult because most of the walls are made up of glass. It doesn't have to be an afterthought for you. Here we have a few ideas that you can use and turn your space into some work of art for people to behold:


You want to keep the outdoorsy feel in the sunroom, so use light furniture that is different from what you have used in your sitting room. You can try having the eames seats and have them in different bright colors. You can have like six of them in yellow and green to signify a flower and a plant. Since eames seats do not occupy a vast space, you can use small stools placed around near the seats. One stool can be shared between two seats. You can also try working with settees and choose subtle colors that can camouflage well with nature. Rattan furniture plays well into that role too. They are easy to maintain and are likely to be more durable when exposed to sunlight than the couches we have in our living rooms.


A conservatory is primarily made of glass on most of the walls, but since it is an extension of the house, one or two walls are concrete. Glass walls have many ways of decorating them, but you will have to choose blindfold for them. In the sunroom, the walls can have sharp corners, and this proves a challenge when fitting blindfolds. To overcome this, you will be required to buy blindfold for bi-fold doors. This one allows you such flexibility with your windows and doors. Blinds can be mounted in a way they can either be drawn down or up from the bottom, allowing maximum privacy and height control. This will give you an upper hand when you are in the sunroom, and the sun is changing position. There are various conservatory window blinds for the sides and include pleated, linoleum, roller, vertical, metal Venetian, wood Venetian, panel, Perfect Fit, Intu, and roman blinds. You can also play around with Allusion, Vision, and Tri-Shade blinds, which are relatively modern.

Keep Natural Ambience

A conservatory is a mixture of indoors and nature, and it's only fair that it has elements of both. Maximize the outdoor feel with lashings of fresh foliage and fauna. Select plants that are easy to take care of and that do not need a lot of tending. Succulent plants would be ideal because they do not die quickly in case you forget to water them. Something else you should consider when choosing a plant to place around your sunroom is your space and the littering the plant might do. If you are working with limited space, miniature plants that can be hung from the wall would be ideal and finish off the look with a plant that's a little bigger. When entertaining guests from the sunroom, be sure to add a centerpiece of colorful flowers that will brighten the place and be the focal point. Allow as much natural light in as possible. 

Wallpaper and Wall Hangings

In this article, we are on a mission to make your conservatory a work of art. Most people work with the minimalist look of décor in a conservatory, throwing things together as long as they are functional, but you can choose to go big. Your wallpaper should be very close to nature, and thanks to modern art, there is a range of wallpapers to choose from. You can choose one that looks like a forest. You can also choose to go the aqua way or even one that has animals. Any of these looks would work correctly to keep the outdoorsy feel going. 

Choose wall hangings that are catchy and magnificent. You can even have miniature animal models placed around the place.

Make it a Snuggly Place

Your conservatory can be your relaxing spot where you can snuggle up with a glass of wine and a good book. If you have gone for the rattan furniture look, this will provide an excellent opportunity to carry a fleece blanket there and relax feeling snuggly. Choose comfortable pillows to go with your furniture.


When choosing the lighting for our conservatory to use at night, keep in mind that: being a sunglass space, it gives room for absolute star gazing. It will also become more enchanting with the inclusion of fairy lights. Twinkling lights, string lights, and fairy lights are incredibly inexpensive. They acquiesce in any interior decor theme, whether rustic or contemporary, excellently. You can place them along with the window frame, wrap them around tree branches outside, or create a nice canopy.

Make a Library

Use your conservatory as a library for your leisure reading. It will be a fantastic look to have books in there. Every time you take a book to read, it'll be like you are out experiencing the tranquility of nature and feeling the comfort of your house at the same time. Make floor to ceiling bookcases that will enable you to have a large storage area for books while at the same time not taking up a massive space of the room. Add a ladder to reach the highest shelves if you want to get the ultimate library vibe. 


A fireplace will make your conservatory feel snug, give it a charming and stylish look all year round. Bring out a stylish look by filling the rest of the room with Scandi-style furniture in soft, muted colors. A fireplace adds more hygge to your conservatory and makes it welcoming. 

A conservatory serves as a sufficient extension space between indoors and outdoors. It's a space where you can enjoy the comforts of your home while being connected to nature. It doesn't have to be dumping ground for unwanted stuff that stays unused. By implementing the above ideas, you can make it useful and inviting.

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