How to Clean an RV: 5 Interior & Exterior Cleaning Tips for RV Owners

The past year proved tough on the travel industry. For those with an RV, the opportunity to travel wasn't quite as limited.

Nearly 50 million Americans looked to RV travel over the last year. However, frequent road travel means your RV may require some general cleaning and maintenance.

In this article, we'll explore five tips on how to clean an RV and keep it in top shape for years to come.

1. Clean from Top to Bottom

A good general rule of thumb is to clean your RV from top to bottom. Cleaning your RV will generally take less time than cleaning a home. However, you will still want to avoid any extra work you may incur by having to re-scrub any excess dirt or grime that may fall from cabinets or walls onto countertops or the floor.

This goes for the exterior RV cleaning as well. When cleaning the top of your RV, dirt or grime can easily streak down the walls while cleaning. You can avoid any extra re-work by starting from the top and going down.

2. Use Correct Products

Due to the variety of surfaces you'll need to clean on your RV. It is best to clean with the proper materials and products. Certain cleaning products aren't conducive to cleaning certain RV parts.

For example, some cleaning products will negatively corrode the plumbing in your RV. Therefore, it is best to go with products you know are safe and won't damage your RV. An excellent example would be all-natural cleaners for your toilet and multi-surface cleaners like vinegar and lemon or dish soap for everyday surfaces.

3. Don't Forget the Filters

One of the overlooked RV cleaning tips is to focus on the filters. Filters tend to be forgotten during the interior RV cleaning process, and dirty filters can reduce how efficiently your RV will run.

Make sure to clean your air conditioning filter and heating vents to avoid any trapped dirt and debris, which can slow down the circulation of fresh air in your RV. Take your filters outside, give them a quick rinse, and you're good to go.

4. Exterior Cleaning

While the exterior cleaning of a class A RV may seem daunting due to size, one way that you can break things down is to give the outside of your RV a quick rinse with the hose. This will help remove dirt or grime that has accumulated. Remember to park your RV away from direct sunlight while doing so.

In addition, be sure to remember to clean your awning. Awnings tend to collect a lot of dirt and things like sap and typically require unique cleaning products. You can use a washrag and a gentle enough product that won't strip your awning's finish.

5. Remember the Tank

A general RV maintenance step is to remember to flush your tanks when cleaning, as tanks can hold some pretty bothersome odors.

Make sure you dump and flush your tanks regularly so you can avoid any pesky odors and push through any debris that has found its way into the tank. You can also use tank sanitizers to help with extra cleaning.

How to Clean an RV

By keeping your RV clean and tidy regularly, you will avoid any long-term damage to your RV and extend its life on the whole. Proper upkeep and longevity go hand-in-hand for RVs. Hopefully, the above tips for how to clean an RV were helpful.

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