Engagement and pre-nuptial photos are becoming a significant trend these days with couples making the most of their days before the union. Many couples even upload these photos to announce their upcoming marriage on their social media accounts. And it's no surprise why they have to be skillfully taken.


Pulling off beautiful shots during an engagement or prenup photoshoot is no joke. It requires careful planning, from the outfit you both need to wear, to the views, and the poses you need to do. This may sound banal, but preparation for a pre-wedding photoshoot looks more like preparing for the wedding itself, but only less grand.


A Photo shoot Starts with a Concept


Most prenup and engagement photo shoots come with a concept in mind. Most couples would like their pictures to be different, and this is where it all starts. Everything depends on what each of you wants. A photography session can only be hatched when both couples have agreed on the theme of their pictures with where a photographer only has to capture the perfect timing.


There are many theme choices for an engagement photoshoot, and couples can even decide to go for several concepts in one session. Some of the most popular pre-wedding themes include:

·      Romantic scenes

·      Nature trailing

·      Beachfront or seaside photoshoots

·      Movie recreations

·      Rustic countryside theme

·      A casual and relaxed ambiance

·      Disney fairytale concept


These are just some themes offered on wedding photography packages. But it really is up to the personalities of each couple and whether they opt for something more different than what most people want. In the end, it all depends on the couple's imagination as themes and concepts for a pre-wedding photoshoot are endless.


Your Costume Speaks Volume During Your Photo Ops Sessions


The life of your photo does not depend on the location, but on the props and wardrobe, you choose. You can simply pick your backyard, but your costume and other elements create the overall look of your theme. An example would be selecting a laid back motif and having balloons and with both of you laying on the picnic blanket-covered grass.


A photographer can capture your fun moments and edit the visuals, so it makes a perfect photograph of your special occasion. These pictures are included with wedding photography packages where couples can show their personalities through their chosen theme.


Plan and Create an Itinerary Of Your Engagement or Prenup Photoshoot


It's always essential to have a scheduled activity so that you won't get lost en route. Time is of the essence during photo shoots, especially if you want to capture the perfect moments. Beach themes could be much more pleasing if you were able to catch sunrise or sunset.


Also, if you are planning to visit several places in one shoot, you need to prioritize which sites to go first. This will ensure you do not waste time traveling to and from. Just like the big day, planning for a prenup or engagement photoshoot is equally stressful, it is best to be prepared before turning on the car and hitting the road.

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