You probably notice your face shape a lot more than anyone else. You might spot a bad bite or a short chin that you feel detracts from your good looks. Almost 90 percent of American adults share your concerns and its effects on their quality of life.

However, changes in your jaw health and its impacts occur inevitably as you age. You may detect shallowness in your skin or scaly patches. You might experience more frequent headaches and neck tension caused by TMJ pain.

These things can affect your face shape, mental health, and perhaps even your professional life.

Aging from the Inside

The changes you’ve noticed start inside of your body. Your skeleton reaches its peak mass by your late 30s. You’re at the top of your form. Then, things begin to shift.

The effects of a lifetime of eating and drinking bubble to the surface. The shape of your teeth has changed through simple wear. Dental health also plays a role that can accelerate the process. Only 31 percent of American adults think that their teeth are in very good condition. Unfortunately, the feelings you have about a less-than-ideal face shape feed upon themselves.

You’re embarrassed about your teeth, which makes you smile less.

The pain in your jaw makes you irritable.

Your poor sleep quality affects your productivity and mood.

If you notice these signs, it’s imperative to take charge of your physical and mental health. The fact remains that poor dental health can affect more than just your attitude about your looks and face shape. It can also increase your chances of heart disease and stroke.

Fortunately, there are ways to slow the clock on facial aging even if we can’t stop it altogether.

The Path to Optimizing Your Face Shape


While the enamel of your teeth is tough, it’s not infallible. It can last a lifetime, but the look of your teeth will evolve as you get older. What once worked in harmony are now out of sync.

That can be the source of some of the changes you may have seen in the mirror. Your teeth and jawline are not the same since they don’t align like they used to do. It can explain why it has happened, but it doesn’t offer much for a solution.

Unfortunately, undoing the effects of years isn’t going to go away quickly. Often, it means more drastic measures to restore your good looks.

Some people opt for orthodontics to correct jaw structure problems, such as an overbite, underbite, or misaligned teeth. They often involve lengthy treatments like braces, expanders, or Forsus appliances. Sometimes, it doesn’t correct the issues, either.

If you cringe at the prospect of jaw surgery to correct some of these issues, we understand. It’s an invasive procedure that carries other health risks, such as infections, root canals, and nerve damage. That latter can cause numbness that may not heal. While effective, the course from start to finish can last years.

Likewise, veneers, Botox®, and other cosmetic options don’t get to the cause of the problem with their set of health risks. The ideal way to manage these conditions is to get to the root of them.

That is where the best solution lies.

It makes sense when you think about it. Issues with your jaw health and face shape have profound repercussions in other areas of your life. The most effective approach manages the problem from the inside out to improve your well-being on all fronts.

One of the traditional ways of managing aging teeth is with dental crowns. This process often involves grinding away healthy enamel to fit them properly. However, it’s counterintuitive when you consider its purpose to restore tooth loss. The disheartening thing about the procedure is that it’s not permanent. It may also lead to other issues, such as tooth sensitivity.

Enter Dr. Sam Muslin and his ground-breaking Face Lift Dentistry®.

How Face Lift Dentistry® Works

Dr. Muslin’s innovative Face Lift Dentistry® takes a multi-faceted approach, unlike conventional treatments. It is non-invasive because there is no grinding of your teeth, braces, or painful injections. Instead, the procedure uses the JawTrac® Jaw Alignment Technology.


It’s worth noting that it homes in on the underlying cause of face shape issues and their impacts on dental health. Jaw surgery and orthodontics only scratch the surface. Face Lift Dentistry® doesn’t just improve your smile, but it can also have cascading effects on your quality of life.

dental-facelift-vs-surgical-facelift-550 (1).jpg

People put a lot of stock in how they look—or how they think they appear. A misaligned jaw can make your face seem older with the visible signs of aging. That can, in turn, affect your mood and attitude. When these issues are corrected, you likely have a new outlook on your life, both personally and professionally.


A lot also rests with the procedure itself.

Patients can learn what they can expect upfront before the treatment starts. Knowing what is possible can jumpstart the improvement in their mental health. The completed process delivers quicker results than traditional methods.

A key feature of Face Lift Dentistry® is the use of VENLAY® Restoration for a customized treatment for any affected teeth or arches. The two together are what makes this approach state-of-the-art. It fixes the entire problem in a quick and non-invasive way.

The results are impressive, with over 120 documented success stories.

Final Thoughts About Face Shape and Quality of Life

Our face and smile are our most important of how we communicate with our world. They influence how we interact with each other and how we view ourselves, whether or not we’re conscious of it. That’s what makes good dental health so critical. However, it doesn’t stop there.

If your teeth are not harmonized with your jawline, it can affect almost every aspect of your life, from your sleep quality to physical health. While jaw surgery used to be your only option, it isn’t anymore with the rise of new technologies and innovations like Dr. Muslin’s Face Lift Dentistry®. The good news is that now you have a choice.

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