You tell each other every day ‘I love you’ and we mean it. We can talk well of our significant others, celebrating them as an individual, but it is not often that our relationship itself is celebrated. Celebrating your anniversary means celebrating all that the two of you have achieved together through thick and thin. A successful partnership takes time, effort and a lot of emotional strength, so celebrate the two of you being together on your anniversary. 

Remember your wedding day

How often do you talk together about your wedding day? It is easy to reminisce about your wedding day with other people, but reminiscing about the vows you took, the words that were said, your growth as a couple since your wedding day can strengthen your bond as you wrap up the year past and look to the future. 

Gifts for eternity

Anniversary gifts are important. They signify your appreciation and gratitude, so need to be thoughtful. Whilst milestone anniversaries are easy to buy for, a 6 year anniversary gift may not feel so simple. However, there are both traditional and modern wedding anniversary gift guidelines to help find the perfect something for her. The traditional sixth-anniversary gift is iron because the metal represents the strength of a loving bond. But "iron" can be interpreted literally or more creatively. The modern anniversary gift is wood, chosen for its resiliency. Gift ideas include a garden trellis or perhaps a piece of home décor like a wooden picture frame or a stamped horseshoe. Whatever gift you choose, in the symbolic material or not, a gift that lasts a lifetime is very precious and can become a family heirloom. 

Take a vacation

You may want to remember your wedding day by returning to the same restaurant where you held your wedding reception. If it is no longer there, choose a restaurant at the same location or one that offers a similar menu. Stay at your honeymoon hotel or choose the hotel that you dreamed of staying at but were unable to at the time.

If you were unable to go on a honeymoon at the time of your wedding, take your wife to the place that she had dreamed of going if time or finances had allowed. This could be a dive trip to the Cayman Islands or romantic Florence. If travel is not possible, become a tourist in your home city and go to the best restaurants, visit art galleries and potter around the independent stores and open markets.  

Experience gifts

If your wife has talked about taking up piano lessons, wants to write a book, learn more about a particular subject or spend more time following her favourite sport, gift her a series of lessons with someone locally as an encouragement or a season ticket to watch her favourite team. Taking on her chores every time that she will be in class or watching a game will show your appreciation of all she does for you. 

Personalised gifts

Whether your wedding was a formal event or a barefoot beach celebration, it was one of the most memorable days of your life with wonderful memories to accompany it. Create a further history with an anniversary journal that follows you through the years. You can create your own book or use custom pages that prompt you to record how you celebrated and your memorable moments from your 1st to 60th anniversaries. You can create an online album each year, including the traditional and modern symbols for each anniversary year, from paper to diamond.

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