10 Best Housewarming Gifts for Single Women

Regardless of whether it is your coworker, girlfriend, sister, or a female friend, moving to a new house is an exciting experience for a single woman. Moving house is a new part of her life, wherein she will make happy memories. Celebrate this happy moment with her by getting her a lovely housewarming gift.

Please choose a gift that would suit her lifestyle and needs to assist her in transforming her house into a comfortable new home. It is better to pick out presents that are cool and practical, yet also mirrors your sentiments. 

Check out the various housewarming gift ideas below to help you choose the perfect gift that would suit her liking, and at the same time, functional.

Alcoholic Drinks

At times, it is great to have a nice glass of liquor after a hard day of unloading your things. Thus, it is excellent if you could get her a bottle of her favorite wine or other alcohol. You can even go for a bottle of champagne. 

After all, moving to a new house is a reason to celebrate. If you think a bottle of liquor is not enough, you can throw in a wine glass set to the mix.

Bar Shelf

If she is worried about her new home's lack of space, you can buy her a functional housewarming gift such as a wall-mounted bar shelf.  

A wall-mounted bar shelf can still offer the conveniences of a bar cart without taking too much space. The homeowner can arrange their assortment of alcoholic drinks on the top, and use the bottom as a glass rack to hold margarita glasses, coups, champagne flutes, and more.


One of the traditional housewarming gift ideas is carpet. Not only is it a typical house decoration, but it is also a fundamental part of a household regardless of the homeowner's status. 

Carpets are also versatile because you can drape it on the wall or the floor. Furthermore, they have been used as precious gifts since long ago between kingdoms, which is a cool thought.

Customized Wine Barrel Accessory Set

If the homeowner loves wine or collects wine for a hobby, it is the best gift to give. A wine barrel accessory set is ideal for any bar counter. It is also practical because it comes with wine accessories such as a bottle top cutter, stopper, corkscrew, pourer, and other wine essentials.

If you want, you could also customize the gift by engraving the homeowner's name or initials on the barrel to add to its uniqueness. All in all, there is no better gift for wine lovers than something that makes enjoying a good bottle of wine more convenient.

Flowers or Planters

You don't need to shop around nor stress yourself to find a gift for someone who likes nature. You can give them a planter or a customized bouquet. You can also opt for Letterbox Flowers, which are becoming more and more popular as housewarming gifts. 

Plants and flowers are capable of making a house more welcoming. It can also make a home's ambiance refreshing and vibrant. Thus, it is a perfect housewarming gift for people who like to add a touch of nature to their homes.

Gourmet Sweets

A lot of women adore sweets, so take your cue from this. If the homeowner likes sweet treats, there is no better way to celebrate her new home with a box of delicious gourmet sweets. 

If you want to save money and make the present yourself, you can pack several strawberries dipped in melted chocolate. Suppose you're going to make an assortment of sweets. In that case, you can throw in some chocolate milk drizzle, mini chocolate chips, or even minced toffee.

Home Repair Tool Set

A time will come that the homeowner is going to have to repair some parts of her home. Thus, it is better to buy her a compact toolkit.  

A compact toolkit contains all the tools she would need for a DIY home improvement project. Moreover, a tool kit would come in handy if there's a ton of stuff to fix that she can do without a professional. It is also a great gift if you know that she would want to save cash by doing the repairs on her own.

Personalized Scented Candle

If you want to take the traditional route, you can opt to give personalized scented candles to the new homeowner. Giving candles as a housewarming gift has a nice meaning behind it. 

It means you wish the receiver a life filled with light even amidst her darkest moments. Moreover, you can personalize the scent to suit her taste, aside from customizing the candle's shape and engraving her initials.

Roomba Automatic Vacuum

Automatic vacuums do not only save time in cleaning, but it also eliminates the hassle of removing heavy furniture when cleaning the floor. 

This cleaning device also makes it so much easier to tidy up places that are hard to reach, such as behind furniture or under tables. Roombas are, in truth, expensive. However, any homeowner would be overjoyed to receive a gift they can use for a long time.

Takeout Menu Compilation

Moving to a new house in a different part of town can be extremely exciting. However, the downside is that it is not an area the new homeowner is familiar with, including the places with good food. 

Identifying which restaurants have delicious takeout will prove to be a bit challenging. Rather than letting her play an endless game of trial and error, which could become frustrating, you can gift her with a compilation of nearby restaurant menus.


Although moving to a new home is tiring and stressful, it is still worth celebrating. When you're looking for the best housewarming gift for someone, you may become conflicted between practical and personal options. 

But don't worry, because the best presents for homeowners are the ones that have both sentiment and functionality. Although it is better to choose something useful that accommodates their style and character, you don't have to stress about it to an extreme. A housewarming gift is not a necessity. Thus, know that the homeowner will appreciate the effort you put in, regardless of the present you bought.

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