10 Replacements Every House Will Need Sooner Or Later

Updating and remodeling your house is the only way to make sure that it remains in the best condition for years.

Here are some replacements that you might need to make sooner or later, and the ones you should keep an eye out for, especially as a new homeowner:


1. Paint

You might need to throw on a fresh coat of paint now and then to make sure there is no major damage to both the look of the house and the protective layers of the walls.

Internal paint may not have to be redone often but you should watch out for any signs of water seepage stains, especially around the kitchen and bathroom walls, windows, and gutters.

When you redo the external paint, make sure to invest in paint that is created to be weather-proof.


2. Roof

The longevity of your roof depends heavily on your home location and the weather conditions it has to bear. 

There is nothing worse than having to deal with a leak during the rainy season or a caving roof during winter from the weight of snow on top. This is why you need to replace your roof or repair it as soon as you see any minor signs of damage because it could indicate a bigger problem. 

Roofs may also need more upkeep if you have installed solar panels, especially if you are living in a sunny place like Escondido, California.

To fix any issues related to your roof, make sure you turn to the experts of roofing in Escondido for professional repairs.


3. Vacuum Cleaner

While a vacuum cleaner is a rather small appliance to replace as compared to some of the others on the list, it is one of the most used especially if you have carpets in your house.

You need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner that does not get stuck often while picking up hair and food crumbs. Try replacing your vacuum cleaner at least every 3-5 years.


4. Countertops

Countertops are one of those daily use things that have to bear a lot from constant spills to knife cuts and even pestle bangs from time to time.

Depending on the material your countertops are made of, you should consider replacing them after 10-15 years as they might be at the end of their life by that time.


5. Water Heater

Another important replacement is the water heater. Water heaters are notorious for breaking down easily. Keep an eye out for how long it usually takes for your hot water to run out. If you notice that the hot water is running out way sooner than when the water heater was new, it’s a red flag.

Also, contact a professional if you notice dirty water coming out of your shower or tap.


6. Dishwasher

Although dishwashers can last 15-20 years easily, they start losing their cleaning power around the 10-year mark. You will start noticing that your dishes are not as clean as they used to be when you first installed the appliance.

To prolong your dishwasher’s life a little bit, consider cleaning the filter often and don’t put in pre-rinsed dishes. However, this will only extend the lifespan of your dishwasher a few years and it will still have to be replaced sooner rather than later.

It is best to not delay this as your utility costs can go up significantly when appliances do not run at their maximum efficiency.


7. Dryer

Similar to dishwashers, your clothes dryer will wear out over time and require great care from cleaning the lint trap after every use to cleaning the drum itself and the aluminum tube attached to it.

You should consider replacing your dryer when you start noticing that your clothes are taking longer to dry and the machine is not as efficient as it used to be. 

Similar to dishwashers, an inefficient dryer can increase your electricity bill.


8. Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are one of the most obvious replacements you might have to make throughout your stay in a house. 

However, instead of just replacing light bulbs without any thought, you should assess whether you like the temperature of the current lighting or not.

Replacement time for light bulbs is the best time to examine the vibes that the lighting in your house gives off and how you can best change them (or not). 

Try going for a mix of warm and bright lighting to make sure you have whatever you need when the situation calls for it. 

For example, bright white lights may be perfect if you do your makeup in the bathroom mirror, but a warm light over the bathtub will ensure a relaxing environment for a long soak.


9. Carpet Flooring

Carpets last quite some time, however, this can vary depending on the type of carpet and the conditions it has to deal with. 

For example, a carpet in a house with kids and pets is going to have to be replaced more quickly than in a house with only grown-ups. Spills and high traffic can also lead to many other problems.

Additionally, you might have to replace the carpet more often if someone in the house has allergies as carpet bristles or hair can trap allergens easily.


10. Filters

Lastly, the things that need to be maintained and replaced regularly are the many filters in your home. There are filters all over the place from HEPA filters in the air and ventilation system to the water filter in the refrigerator. 

Replacing air filters can have a significant impact on the air quality of your home and can help you breathe better. If you do not have central heating and cooling, consider cleaning and replacing your individual AC filters often.

Do the same for any standalone appliances you have too, for example, a humidifier.



Finally, when considering the costs of these repairs and replacements, you should think about them as long-term investments regardless of whether you plan on selling the house or living in it forever.

Ignoring replacement needs can result in the same or even more money required to run the house due to emergency repairs and higher utility bills as a result of inefficient appliances.



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