4 Reasons to Learn More About Reconnective Healing

In the last decade, people have become more accepting of non-traditional forms of healing. The abundance of information and verifiable testimonials of the efficacy of this method was perhaps the main reason why it has become mainstream. Energy healers use the power of the universal energy field to restore a person’s physical and mental health. Traditionally, the only known method of accessing this universal energy field was through hypnosis, and in some cases, ingestible hallucinogens. This made the process alienating to some who had little to no belief in similar practices.

 Recently, healers have succeeded in accessing the energy field using specific hand movements, catching the attention of those curious about this practice. However, the term energy healing is very broad and includes several approaches like reiki, crystal cleansing, and reconnective healing, to name a few. If you are new to this realm, read on to learn the four reasons why you need to know more about this important practice method.

1.  It Is Powerful

Unlike other energy modalities, reconnective healing allows energy access in a simpler manner. By only feeling for energy with hands, healers can summon it and direct it towards their subjects. Apparently, this simplicity of the practice is, in itself a significant contributor to the success of this method. When healers dropped the strict rituals that were traditionally followed to access energy, the full power of energy was unleashed, and it flowed with more intensity to cure a person’s ailment.

The experience obviously differs from one person to the other. However, people usually report a powerful experience that triggers an immediate sense of relaxation. In addition, it was also found to help with severe cases like depression, autism, and even some types of cancer. So regardless of the ‘seriousness’ of your illness, you need to learn more about this practice as it can definitely help. 

2.  You Can Do it Remotely

If you think about it, there are not many treatments that you can do at a distance to ease your debilitating spinal and neck pains. However, this energy modality has proven effective with similar conditions, and much more can be done remotely. According to professional practitioners at Heilstrom Healing, many of their clients who tried this service remotely claim that the energy doesn’t lose its power because of the distance. Some individuals who have tried both face-to-face and remote sessions even suggested that distance sessions were relatively more impactful. This reason is particularly important during current times as most people are quarantining at their homes. If you have been struggling with a particular health issue while in lockdown, it might be worth it to learn more about this beneficial practice and consider giving it a try.

3.  It is a Universal Healing Method

You don’t need to have mystical powers yourself or a special connection with the divine to benefit from reconnective healing. This method can work for anyone. So long as you have an open mind to different approaches to physical and mental treatments, you can be a suitable candidate for it.

That’s not to claim that it can simply replace your prescribed meds. However, it can definitely work on improving your body’s energetic balance making it more responsive to treatments. If you or a loved one can use a little sense of control over your wellness, then maybe it's time to start exploring this cleansing method as a complementary treatment plan.

4.  It Targets Body, Mind, and Soul

Reconnective healing is considered a holistic treatment in the sense that the same session can help with your body, mind, and soul troubles. As modern science would completely agree, almost all diseases affect our entire being rather than just our physical bodies. It only makes sense that the treatment should work on all fronts.

During sessions, it’s common to not only feel the alleviation of physical pain; you should also expect mental calmness and spiritual relief. Many people subconsciously train themselves to accept mental turbulence as part of the process when they are taking synthetic medicines. However, if you wish, you can care for your physical, mental, and spiritual health all at once.

4 Reasons to Learn More About Reconnective Healing

Holistic methods had come a long way since the early days when most people perceived it as complete nonsense. Thanks to the ever-growing number of success stories, even those who were once skeptics are changing their minds. When you are sick and desperate for help, you can’t afford but to open your mind to non-traditional treatment methods like reconnective healing. After all, you have got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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