When it comes to taking care of your face, there are many things you can do to increase your health and make yourself look great. However, it becomes highly more difficult when you have to take care of dry skin.

Many people nowadays suffer from dry skin which eventually transforms into other severe problems such as oily skin, clogged pores, acne, too many pimples, rashes, dermatitis, and so on. And to prevent or eradicating these conditions is not easy, especially when the direct source is a lack of humidity in the skin. Those are the reasons why many women try to find facial skincare products to look after their skin.

Luckily for you, we know precisely how you can fix dry skin over time and how to prevent common issues that come with it. If you are interested in learning about the process of caring about dry facial skin – this article won’t let you down!

5 Helpful Tips for Dry Facial Skin

Your face is maybe the most important part of your body. It gives the first impression of people who you are and how you feel. But when you have dry facial skin, many problems can start to arise – so you’ll have to take good care of it. Here are a few tips to follow:

  1. Wash Your Skin the Right Way

The most important part of caring for dry skin is washing it the right way. You shouldn’t treat your face like you treat other parts of your body, but most importantly – you shouldn’t treat dry skin as you treat normal skin.

When you don’t treat dry skin well, you can produce inflammation on the surface, clogged pores, acne, and much more. So, if you want to prevent all that, there’s nothing more important than cleaning your face with an ideal form before doing any other treatment.

For that, we’re going to number several dry face-washing techniques to remember:

  1. Try to keep showers short. When you wash your face for too long, healthy oils from your skin start falling which eventually ends up with drier skin than before. Stick to showers of between 5 to 10 minutes only.

  2. The same happens with hot showers, as they strip properties like fat from the skin. We recommend showering with slightly warm or cold water instead. It hydrates the skin much better and prevents the loss of useful properties that make your skin healthy.

  3. Use soap-free cleansers. Those with no scents or fragrances are always very useful. If you can pick something with a built-in moisturizer, you can also get excellent results. Also, try to avoid soaps or cleansers with deodorant or antibacterial extracts that could harm your skin.

  4. Cleansers with ceramides are always useful. Ceramides are molecules with vast quantities of fat that help the skin retain more moisture than usual. They work similarly to a moisturizer (ceramides are part of most moisturizer formulas), so going for soaps or cleansers with them can be really helpful. Try to go for natural ceramides instead of synthetic ones.

  5. When using any kind of exfoliation system when washing or peels, toners, and similar astringents, do it with care. Alcohol is one of the first components of these astringents, and it could dry up skin very quickly. So, be careful when using them, as they could also irritate and damage skin which ends up in even drier effects.

Otherwise, you can pick any of the best face wash for dry skin. They are effective on your skin but also gentle enough to prevent drying effects afterward.

  1. Exfoliate Weekly

Washing your skin is always useful when you have dry skin, but nothing compares to exfoliation when it comes to getting rid of impurities. When you see flakes and dry spots in your skin, it is not that your skin is dry, but that it is dead. What’s the solution then? Simple, exfoliation.

When you exfoliate your skin, you get rid of all those impurities and dead cells that make your skin dry and ugly. So, it is essential to do this at least once a week to eliminate all those unwanted dead cells.

Here’s how:
  1. Once or twice a week, depending your skin sensibility, grab a cloth or towel and damped it in hot or warm water.

  2. Place the damp towel in your face for three to five minutes. Make sure the cloth is hot but not damaging.

  3. Then with your face cleanser, scrub your face gently with the point of your fingers using the exfoliating paste. Do it with circular motions.

  4. If you use a sponge or brush, do it gently and only for 30 seconds in the same area.

  5. Never exfoliate when you have wounds or cuts in your skin as you could end up worsening the damage.

  6. After the scrub is dry, you are ready to take it off by washing it gently with warm or cold water.

  7. Then you can dry your skin thoroughly and apply any other product.

  8. Keep your Skin Moisturized

Moisturizing is easily the most vital part of having healthy skin. When you speak to models or people in the beauty industry, they will tell you so. When you moisturize your skin, you keep skin humid and improve the overall eradication of impurities.

We recommend moisturizing the face while it’s moist after a shower or cleaning it. Pat gently with a towel and apply the moisturizer of your preference within three to five minutes after getting out.

But for us, you shouldn’t apply any moisturizer but the right one. While you’ll find ointments, creams, and lotions – there’s nothing better than a cream to moisturize your skin. Those that contain shea butter, olive oil, or jojoba oil are also useful. Many other ingredients such as glycerine, lanolin, petrolatum, ceramides, Dimethicone, and hyaluronic acid will help you maintain moisture in your skin.

Why should you go for these ingredients over others? Well, easily, because they are the best products for taking care of your skin without damaging it. Most of these ingredients are natural too, so you are using products that help you without producing any side effects. Here we explain what each one does:


Ceramides, for example, work as a water-retaining property. They will soothe your skin and make sure that any moisture you absorb stays there. You can find either natural or synthetic ceramides. Both work really well to increase humidity, but natural ceramides are always better.


Sometimes confused with glycerin but also useful for moisturizing, it helps to draw more water to the skin and retain it. Dimethicone also works as a mild cleanser, as it helps to keep the skin free of unwanted impurities.

Hyaluronic Acid

The work of hyaluronic acid is similar to ceramides, working to hold water and soothing the skin slightly. However, hyaluronic is a little harsher than ceramides, so be careful with creams or ointments with this ingredient.


Known as petroleum jelly or mineral oil, it is a synthetic ingredient that offers excellent results after showering. It boosts the water-retaining process on the skin, which gives a fantastic moisturizing effect.

  1. Mind the Weather

Weather is one of the reasons why your facial skin may change from moisturized to dry in a few days. When the weather goes from hot to windy, or from cold to warm, or from hot to rainy – the climate and environment change which eventually affects your skin, especially on your face.  It would be best to switch your skincare routines to match the seasons, from exfoliating more often in the summer to a hydrating face mask for Fall.

This mostly happens in winter, for example, when heaters tend to get rid of all moisture in the air. Or in pretty hot places where humidity is almost untraceable, your face tends to get dry too. For areas with low humidity, there’s nothing better than a humidifier.

You may use lid barriers that help to retain moisture, as well as moisturizers, exfoliation pastes, and so on. But nothing compares to a humidifier when it comes to changing the environment, especially in a house or room, to prevent dryness in the skin.

Humidifiers will add the desired moisture to the place you are. And of course, this helps treat dry facial skin and increases the water content in the air. Not only it will make the environment in the place cozier, but it will also prevent your skin from drying up.

Similarly to lack of moisture, you also need to take care of the sun. In hot and sunny areas, there’s nothing more harmful to the skin than UV rays. They not only kill cells but also dry out the moisture from the skin which can be pretty damaging in the long term.

That’s why it’s hugely recommended to apply sunscreen if you live in a sunny place. Do it before going out in the morning and once again in the afternoon or midday. Going for sunscreens of about 15 SPF is the best choice, as they keep you safe from UV rays while being gentle enough to prevent side effects.

  1. Supplement with a Good Diet

Apart from applying the right facial skin care and following environment-related processes for humidity, you also need to nourish yourself the right way. Similarly to getting rid of fat on your stomach or preventing acne on your skin, you’ll need to have a good diet.

For that, we recommend foods with enough omega-3 fatty acids. These acids strengthen the skin oil-retaining barriers that are healthy. They will prevent dryness very well and improve overall humidity, mainly when you eat them daily.

Foods such as salmon, sardines, walnuts, peanuts, safflower oil, cod liver, and other foods contain vast quantities of omega-3. Try to eat them as much as possible to prevent dryness. And surely, there’s nothing more important for your diet than drinking lots of water. Aim for at least 8 glasses daily.

Final Advice for Dry Facial Skin

Healing dry facial skin problems is not easy. You may have tried all the previously mentioned tips, and you still have no positive effect. If this happened to you, there’s nothing else to do now than to go and see a doctor. Dermatologists may be your best idea, as they will treat you correctly and assist your condition more effectively. They’ll also suggest the right care and medication for fixing your dry skin.

Otherwise, you will only have to keep practicing these tips and get your dry skin off. Remember that this condition can last years or maybe never disappear. So, it’s important always to treat your skin well if you want to prevent unwanted dryness. Start caring for your skin now, and you won’t believe the results!


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