Are you thinking of building up a structure and steel frame has been suggested as the better approach? There is also a probability that you have been accustomed to the general public information that steel frames are mainly used for skyscrapers and other large buildings. However, it is apparent that there is a steady increase in the number of new buildings that are using steel frames. The main question then becomes is steel frame construction better than other alternatives? Here are 7 advantages of using steel frames which will make you have a new perception of this magnificent construction option.

1.Strength and Durability

You have probably heard mentions of the phrase as tough as steel, right? It is indeed true that steel is one of the strongest and most durable materials available. As a matter of fact, steel structures are not only lighter than wood and concrete but also stronger than other alternative construction materials. 

Statistics indicate that steel frames are about 40% lighter than conventional wood frames. This means that steel frames are able to hold and sustain more structural weight than other construction frames. They will also be able to last longer hence ensuring a longer life for your structure.

2.Fire Resistant

Structures that have steel frames are known to be highly fire resistant. As a result of the high fire resistance, these buildings are able to reduce the risk of spread of fire in the event that a fire breakout occurs. Furthermore, there is a special coating that is flame retardant that is coated on steel to improve its structure. The special coating makes the steel frame structures to be more fire resistant.

3.Pest and Insect Resistant

Unlike wood, insects and pests cannot feed or live in steel frames. As a result there is no need to protect it from degradation as a result of the effects of pests and insects. On the other hand, wood is known to be at high risk of degradation as a result of attack by pests and insects. Therefore, it is advantageous to use structural steel frames in construction as opposed to other alternatives.

4.Moisture and Weather Resistant

Have you ever wondered why most people would prefer using steel? It is because steel is weather and moisture resistant. This means that the structure is able to withstand different weather conditions. What about lightning? Isn’t steel a good conductor of electricity risking the building to lightning? The truth is that yes, the steel is a good conductor of electricity. However, with proper grounding the steel structure makes the building safer as the current will be transferred straight to the ground.

One would probably have doubts about the moisture resistance of the steel frames. What about rusting? Steel can be enhanced to be rust resistant through treating it. This is done by use of powder treatments and hot zinc coating. Once treated, the steel will be immune to weather and moisture.

5.Easy Fabrication in Different Sizes and Versatility

It is indeed true that steel can be moulded into any required size and shape. This makes it particularly important in the implementation of the varying requirements to meet artistic needs. This allows the realization of an artistically sound, resilient and safe building. The steel can also be customized at various sections to be able to handle different weight loads. Furthermore, it is easier to alter the steel frame even after installation without risking the building.

6.Faster Build Time

No one wants a construction project that will take forever to complete. Concrete takes about 21 days to undergo curing. This means that in an environment of a skyscraper, there will be a loss of about 21 days for each floor. On the other hand, most steel frames are prefabricated in the factory such as Murray Steel Buildings and once the parts get to the construction site they are just joined following a given set of dimensions and standards thereby reducing the construction time.

7.Lower Costs in the Long Run

Despite the fact that steel is considered an expensive alternative, an analysis of the long term effect is that steel reduces cost in the long run. Steel can be recycled meaning it is not only eco-friendly but also can be reused thereby saving a lot of resources.

The fact that steel is durable means that it will last long thereby making the cost of maintenance to be reduced. Most importantly, it is worthwhile noting that the innovation in the steel industry has gone a long way in improving the quality of steel while reducing the prices.



Structural steel frames are apparently gaining popularity in modern day constructions and its advantages cannot be ignored. Despite the high initial capital associated with the structural steel frames they are undoubtedly here to stay. Going by the advantages given above, they are here to stay. However, it is important to note that at the end of the day, these advantages are only realized when quality steel frames are installed by a qualified and experienced builder.

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