7 Things To Do And Visit In The Big Apple In 12 Hours

Big Apple is a nickname given to New York City, one of the greatest cities you can visit in the world. This city in Washington truly represents what's available in the United States, and through it, you can see the Capitol, the Pentagon, and one of the most adored features, the White House. 

If you have a day trip to the Big Apple, there will be many things to do and visit, only if you plan your journey well. This article will discuss seven of the things you can do in 12 hours while visiting New York City. Without further ado, let's get to the items. 

Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

If you have time in the morning, you could visit the Brooklyn Bridge, which gives you some of the best experiences of New York City. While here, you can take some strolls across the bridge, which takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes and enjoy some magnificent views of this area. Besides the bridge, you can visit Dumbo and get some of the most iconic New York City shots. 

Top of the Rock

Before arriving in New York, you can book online to visit the Top of the Rock. Through this booking, you are guaranteed access to this place and enjoy everything it offers. Ensure that you make your bookings some weeks before the visiting day to ensure you get a spot during the visiting day. You will need to enjoy the New York one-day experiences before visiting this place in the evening. While at this place, you will see many remarkable features, including the Chrysler Building, while also enjoying sunset views and evening street lights. 

Explore the Lower East Side

You can also take a walk from the city to the lower East Side of Manhattan. This is one place that gets regarded as the true definition of New York City. Besides being a pretty place to be, it's a place surrounded by the city's attractions. While here, you can pop in at the Tenement Museum that enables you to see what's in New York City. You can also get to New York's famous flea market and have a glimpse of the vintage stalls surrounding this great city. You will find everything on these stalls, including antiques, food stalls, and anything else you will need in the Big Apple. 

Explore the Vessel

It would be unfair to leave New York City without visiting the Vessel. The Vessel is among the most significant attractions in this place, incorporating art projects that you might not see anywhere in the world. The good thing about this place is that you can access it for free if you book in advance. However, if it's an impromptu visit, you can pay $10 and enjoy the beautiful art. It's one of the most incredible places to visit in New York if you have a one-day trip. 

Visit Liberty Island 

Your day won't be complete without visiting Liberty Island in New York City. However, it's advisable to only see this place during off-peak times as it's always full to the brim on peak seasons. But you can make bookings and spare some time in your day to have a glimpse of this place, which can take you almost three hours. You can enjoy the Manhattan Skyline at Liberty Island, take some beautiful photos, and then make a stopover at Ellis Island before departing to Manhattan. 

Remember at the 9/11 Memorial

Once you drop from Liberty Island, you can take some time and stroll to the 9/11 Memorial to pay your last respect to the departed souls. This walk will take you at least 10 minutes and be essential to visit before leaving New York. The 9/11 Memorial is one of the most talked-about places in New York, which you can get in to witness the terrible incidents of 2001. You will have a lot to tell your loved ones about this place. 

Check the Flatiron Building

Do you want to see the most iconic building in New York City? Then do not forget to visit the Flatiron Building, which is regarded as the first skyscraper. Although it looks smaller than the skyscrapers you see worldwide, it's in the history books as the one that created a way for other buildings of the sort. It is part of the city's heritage and architecture that's readily accessible to everyone visiting New York City. 

7 Things To Do And Visit In The Big Apple In 12 Hours

Other places you need to visit and things to do before winding up your day are walking in the Highline, exploring Central Park, and seeing the St. Patrick's Cathedral. You can also visit the Radio City Music Hall, check-in at Times Square, and check in at the Grand Central Station. It is essential to get yourself a reliable tour travel guide if you want to visit and enjoy all these places in the Big Apple in 12 hours.  

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